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Your Hips Don’t Lie – Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is everyone's obsession. All of us want to lose that extra bit of fat on our bellies or…

Weight loss is everyone’s obsession. All of us want to lose that extra bit of fat on our bellies or thighs or hip. We’ve tried it all – funky fitness machines, walking, the gym and fancy pills. It never works that way. No, the best way to lose your weight is using mk-677 in the most positive way – that is, losing fat is to eat nutritious food that is cooked at home. It’s not flashy, it’s not sexy nor fun but it’s simple. And really effective. Our body is built in the kitchen, there’s no way past this. Unless we have very high thyroid levels use LGD 4033, we can control our weight by checking our nutrition on a daily basis.

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Here’s how this works:

1) Eat nutritious food that is not from a bottle or a can – Ditch those ready-to-make noodles, pasta, and sandwiches. Make sure that you take some time to actually cook a meal instead of heating it in an oven or pouring hot water over it. HCG is a great supplement for weight loss.

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2) Limit the carbs – Reduce your carbohydrate intake. Ditch them potatoes, tubers. Eat instead, half a cup of rice or less every day to keep your system functioning. It is essential to create a carbohydrate deficit so that the body burns stored fat instead. Vitamin B12 is a great supplementation for weight loss.

3) Keep a moderately active lifestyle: Try to have a lifestyle where you go to work by bike or by walk. It is important to have an hour of such activity at least to keep a sound body and mind. This also helps you sleep well.

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Now, coming to the nitty gritty – what kind of foods really help you to lose weight? It depends on your geographical location as well, to be honest. Using CJC-1295 helps fat loss. Each country and continent has a diverse set of fruits, vegetables, and grains. So, respecting this incredible diversity here’s a list of foods aiding weight loss:

1) Quinoa:  Quinoa is a good source of gluten-free carbs, comprising of 21% of cooked quinoa. It’s also a good source of fiber. Fiber is essential for our body to lose weight in addition to building immunity against diabetes, heart disease etc. The protein content of quinoa has a complete amino acid profile, making it and s-4 a great choice of grain in Western countries. Quinoa is also an ancient food – one that was used by Aztecs in the Americas long ago.

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2) Millet: Millet is a great source of iron as well as containing a solid portfolio of amino acids. Millets are popular in Asian countries as a source of slow energy that helps you throughout the day.

3) Teff: Teff is another ancient grain rooted in Africa. There are three types of teff: red, black and white. Teff has a nutty flavor as well as loaded with essentials minerals. It is a good source of yeast to the body, teff will help you shake off some serious weight off the body. Or use MK-2866.

4) Horsegram: This is a popular lentil in South East Asia and Africa which has a terrific nutritional profile. It belongs to the legume family and is quite low in carbs. It is also rich in protein. The name is rooted in the fact that horses are fed these legumes during races to provide energy and endurance while running.

6) Whole Eggs: Eggs which were once upon a time considered a red signal for heart disease and cholesterol elevation is actually a great source of healthy fats and whole protein. Free-range country eggs are the best to consume, other interesting alternatives are quail and duck eggs. Both eggs have superior protein profiles in comparison with chicken eggs.

7) Lean Protein and Red Meat: This is another food source that has been greatly scrutinized for its relation to cancer, heart disease, and cholesterol, etc. This is however untrue. Our ancestors used to be hunters living in the woods. Their biggest source of protein was meat, hunted wild and cooked instead of being fried as is the case nowadays. Processed meat is dangerous because a lot of chemicals are used to “treat” the meat in different ways. It’s important to find the right kind of unprocessed, grass-fed meat. Even animals that are grain-fed come loaded with carbs, but grass-fed meat is super healthy. It’s loaded with lean protein and essential fats, which makes it a wholesome meal in itself. So, next time make sure that you finish that pot roast or your steak as your main meal.

8) Avocados: Loaded with fats unlike most fruits that contain carbohydrates, avocados contain healthy fats similar to ones found in olive oils. It may seem counterintuitive to consume fats for a person trying to lose weight, but it depends on the type of fat as well. Nuts, unprocessed oils, and meat, organic dairy, avocados are rich in protein and healthy fats. Our goal is to thus let the body go into a state where it doesn’t crave for more carbs, that is, it doesn’t tap into our glycemic levels. Instead, we supply sufficient energy through healthy fats that make our body burn more fat if we keep an active enough lifestyle. This is called ketosis. To achieve ketosis, ideally, we should avoid most starchy foods like grains and legumes.

9) Dairy Products: Yeah, there are a lot of lactose intolerant people in the world. Yes, dairy industry comes with its fair share of toxic additions to the cows. But, it’s important to know that grass-fed organic dairy is rich in essential fats in addition to containing complete proteins. For people intolerant towards lactose, they can switch to goat’s milk. It’s unconventional, but it’s a very healthy and cheap option. Goat’s milk contains a similar nutritional profile to cow’s milk but with smaller fat molecules making it easy to digest. If you’re thinking about losing weight, whole unprocessed dairy is a great food to add to your palette.

10) Fermented Soy Products: On the other hand, there are a lot of vegans who despise animal products altogether. For their weight loss needs and protein requirements, fermented soy products are great additions. Not only is it low in carbs, but it also contains a complete protein profile. But the key is to consume fermented soy, as opposed to say, sprouted soy, boiled soy or tofu. The tofu that’s available in the markets are processed quite a bit, so avoid it. Instead, go for dishes like natto or tempeh which are fermented and rich in nutrients. Unfermented soy is dangerous for health as it is rich in phytins and other toxins that pound your gut. So, have fermented soy and enjoy great plant proteins!

11) Fruits: Fruits are a great source of fiber, monosaccharides, vitamins, and minerals. The key is to not load on fruits, however, they do provide wholesome nutrition without any cooking. Fiber aids greatly in fat loss as does the presence of water. Bananas, apple, peach, watermelon are terrific for losing weight. Oranges, cantaloupe, muskmelon, grapefruit which are rich in water, are a great substitute for that bowl of rice or burger that you might want to have. Mangos are also an amazing meal by themselves – rich in fiber, carbs, essential vitamins and minerals. You feel pretty loaded after eating just one full mango.

12) Plant-based oils: Plant-based oils may be olive oils, watermelon seed oil, coconut oils, etc. These oils are rich in saturated fats and help increase HDL cholesterol as well. Higher HDL cholesterol is essential to maintain cardiovascular health.

While we’ve seen some great options to lose weight and burn off bad fat, let’s look at some food you must AVOID:

1) Chips and Fries: Potatoes boiled or baked are a great source of unrefined carbs, but when we have them in fast food chains it’s just rotten junk. In addition to being fried in oils that may be hazardous to your health, they are processed with certain chemicals that make you want to much more of them.

2) Canned drinks and food: Canned drinks and food are highly processed with aluminum, plastic toxins and preservatives that are anti-nutritional. Apart from these, they are loaded with carbs, sugar, and junk. It’s not a real cooked meal, so just shove it off your plate.

3) Energy and candy bars: Energy bars and candy bars are a big fad these days. But, you know they’re loaded with processed carbs and sugar. Sure, they provide you with a lot of energy, but you don’t need that much energy unless you work in a physically demanding job. These candy bars again, come with a lot of anti-nutrients and preservatives.

4) Sugar and sugary foods: Sugar, plain and simple is your biggest enemy to reduce weight. Be it white sugar, maple sugar or even the most organic sugar – it isn’t good to consume sugar if you want to reduce weight. Sugar comes with processed carbs that are going to add the calories. IGF-1 LR3 is popular. We already consume sufficient sugar through unrefined carbs, fruits, and legumes. If you want to buy that can of fruit juice, opt out of it. It’s just artificially flavored water, after all. Instead, make your own juice. Cut down those cookies, cakes, and pastries as well. All those products that look so tantalizing at the bakery are just junk. Ditch them and have unrefined, wholesome carbohydrates through homemade fruit juices, boiled tubers and homemade desserts low on sugar.

5) Beer: Beer is just malted grain and water at the end of the day. Oh yeah, lots of preservatives are added to it too. We’re all quite familiar with the “beer belly”. Beer is a big deterrent to weight loss, sadly. It’s super popular, of course. I mean, who wouldn’t want to consume some beer after a hard day’s work. We drink it socially, or to just relax and de-stress. It’s important to say “no” to beer even when you’re with your friends. It’s okay to drink “hard” liquor, but it’s important to keep it to once a week. Again, mixing your liquor with soft drinks or “fake” juices is a bad idea. Either, have them neat, or with water or ice cubes. Make sure to drink plenty of water, while enjoying your drink!

So, that sums up some foods that help you to lose weight. Of course, remember have a decent amount of exercise every day. Whether it’s something light like walking or climbing a bunch of stairs to running, swimming, yoga or anaerobic exercises – just stay active every day.  Make sure to drink plenty of water, get at least 6-7 hours of sleep every day. This is critical, during sleep our body’s metabolism is at its highest because we are inactive. Ideally, 8 hours of sleep should be your target, but hey we have to work and take care of the family as well. Sleeping well enough also impacts your mental health positively.

Keep it simple:

Keep the food plan super simple. Try to eat locally sourced foods as much as possible, try to have organically grown vegetables, fruits, meat, and dairy to boost your immunity. If you’re English, there’s no use of having food grown in say, New Zealand, if you have a healthy substitute grown inside your own country isn’t it? You reduce your costs and all kinds of preservatives can be avoided in consumption.

Final note:

The foods that have been listed as good to consume, should also be taken in moderation of course. The exceptions are greens and green vegetables. You can consume how much ever you see it fit. Don’t overload on dairy, grains, legumes, and fruits. Make sure that you have a set eating pattern, you consume big meals as opposed to a number of small meals (which is kind of a new fad). Use GHRP-6 for extra benefits. This is because the greater the time between your meals the more you will burn fat for your fuel. If you’re used to three meals a day, try to cut down that extra meal for more weight loss. Enough talk now, just try it out and you’ll find amazing results!

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