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Vitamin B12 – Methylcobalamin | The Best and Purest Form of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin is the purest and most potent form of vitamin B12 | Information, deficiency, effect, dosage, side effects

Vitamin B12 – The Basics

Vitamin B12 is a vital vitamin central to our health. Chemically, vitamin B12 belongs to the so-called cobalamins – a name derived from the central cobalt ion of the molecules. There are several forms of Cobalamines, some of which have important functions in our bodies. The various forms of vitamin B12 therefore always carry the word “cobalamin” in their chemical name.

What is Vitamin B12 (Vit B12 Vitamin)?

Vitamin B12 is an essential and water-soluble vitamin that fulfills many important functions in the body. These include above all support in the production of red blood cells, as well as in the development and function of the nervous system. Vitamin B12 is absorbed through the diet.

Vitamin B12 is only present in food of animal origin. Vegans and vegetarians are at particular risk from vitamin B12 deficiency. This also applies to the elderly, as the ability to absorb and use vitamin B12 from food decreases with age.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B12 deficiency, also called hypocobalaminemia, refers to a low blood level of vitamin B12. A variety of signs and symptoms can occur. Vitamin B12 deficiency is widespread. It is estimated to occur in about 6% of people under the age of 60 and 20% of those over the age of 60 years. Once diagnosed, a deficiency can be easily treated with oral preparations or injections.

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that needs to be absorbed through the diet. It is mainly used in animal products, e.g. Meat, dairy products and eggs are included. Vitamin B12 deficiency often goes undetected for a long time as the body can store vitamin B12 for some time. Inadequate vitamin B12 supply, however, can have serious consequences for the blood count, nervous system and brain function.

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Vitamin B12 Deficiency Slowly Creeps In

Vitamin B12, also known by the scientific name cobalamin, is water-soluble. Unlike other water-soluble vitamins, B12 is not rapidly excreted in the urine.
It is stored in the liver, kidneys and other body tissues. Therefore, a deficiency can go unnoticed for years, depending on your diet and your body’s ability to absorb vitamin B12 efficiently.

This time delay is a serious problem because after about seven years of vitamin B12 deficiency, irreversible brain damage can occur.

Vitamin B12 is fittingly called an energy vitamin, and your body needs it for a variety of vital functions.

These include: energy production, blood formation, DNA synthesis and myelin formation. (Myelin is an insulation that protects your nerve endings and allows them to communicate with each other.)

What are the causes of a vitamin B12 deficiency?

  • Because dietary vitamin B12 is ingested, the causes of vitamin B12 deficiency are either ingesting or using vitamin B12.
  • Inadequate intake of vitamin B12 through the diet (especially common in vegetarian or vegetarian diets)
  • Inadequate absorption of vitamin B12 in the digestive tract (e.g., by celiac disease or Crohn’s disease)
  • Taking medicines that interfere with the absorption of vitamin B12 (for example, metformin (diabetes), as well as proton pump inhibitors (drugs for the acidity regulation of the stomach))
  • Lack of intrinsic factor (endogenous gastric factor necessary for the absorption of vitamin B12 by the intestinal mucosa)
    pregnancy and breast feeding period



You can barely stay awake in the afternoon – even though you’ve slept eight hours? Fatigue can be a sign of B12 deficiency because your body needs the vitamin to produce red blood cells. These in turn are necessary for oxygenation in the body: And without enough oxygen in your cells, you just feel tired – no matter how long you sleep.


If your otherwise rosy complexion gets a yellowish-pale expression, a vitamin B12 deficiency may be the reason, because with a vitamin B12 deficiency is accompanied by a deficit of red blood cells. This in turn leads to a release of bilirubin pigments, which give the skin a yellow hue.


For example, if you have difficulty carrying your grocery bag, even though it is not full, it may be a symptom of vitamin B12 deficiency. If your body does not get enough oxygen from the red blood cells, the muscles often feel powerless.

Concentration Disruptions:

You forget everyday things or tasks that you have done earlier without any difficulty? Problems with memory or concentration may also indicate a vitamin B12 deficiency.

How can a vitamin B12 deficiency be remedied?

Existing vitamin B12 deficiency can be corrected by taking high-dose vitamin B12. In severe cases and with pernicious anemia, intramuscular injections of 1000 μg of vitamin B12 are recommended every other day until symptoms resolve, followed by long-term use of vitamin B12 methylcobalamin.

Vitamin B12 – what you should know!

When choosing and buying a preparation containing vitamin B12, it is important to pay attention to the form of the vitamin. This is not easy at first glance for laymen! Here you will find information about what to look for.

What types of vitamin B12 are there?

Vitamin B12 is found in a variety of chemical structures including methylcobalamin, cyanocobalamin, adenosylcobalamin and hydroxocobalamin. The actual vitamin B12 is thus bound to a “carrier molecule”. The bioavailability (ie the usability in the body) of the vitamin molecules is very different. Incidentally, the same is true for the cost of production: cheap mass preparations usually contain the particularly cost-effective cyanocobalamin, but the body is much worse than utilizable e.g. methylcobalamin.

Vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin

The chemical form methylcobalamin has a high bioavailability and can be absorbed by the body quickly. Therefore, methylcobalamin is particularly good for preventing vitamin B12 deficiency. Methylcobalamin also occurs in nature. The production of methylcobalamin is usually a bit more expensive than z. As the synthetic cyanocobalamin – but the availability is also significantly higher. Adenosylcobalamin, on the other hand, has high availability but is also very expensive to produce. From our point of view, methylcobalamin has the best value for money.

Vitamin B12 as Cyanocobalamin

Many mass producers use B12 in their preparations in the form of cyanocobalamin. Although cyanocobalamin is inexpensive to produce, it has to be converted by the body in several steps into an available form. Cyanocobalamin is also a synthetic form of vitamin B12 that is hardly found in nature.

Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin is good, but we recommend using a naturally occurring and better bioavailable and better results in weight loss with Vitamin B12 methylcobalamin. Cyanocobalamin has – except for the lower price – in our view, no advantages over the better available form methylcobalamin.

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Special effects of Methylcobalamin

Although theoretically all B12 forms are interconvertible, positive effects were observed with methylcobalamin which could not be observed in this form with other B12 forms, especially cyanocobalamin.

These include:

  • Amelioration of nerve disorders and pain in diabetes mellitus,
  • Normalization of hyperhomocysteinemia in diabetes,
  • Improvement of sleep disorders,
  • Help with infertility.

Lose weight thanks to vitamin B12 syringe?

Well, one of the most talked about things is that vitamin B12 injections help you to lose weight. The concept, in short, is very simple: The injected vitamin B12 accelerates the metabolism, so that the person faster and easier burns fat and thus lowers the weight.

As part of the slimming treatment, a highly concentrated vitamin B12 syringe should be administered in several sessions every week. And that should then neatly boost the metabolism. As a result, so more calories are burned and pounds are melted down.

B-12 vitamins and weight loss

If you’re trying to lose weight and build muscle, B12 is essential. There are different ways in which this vitamin helps to stimulate the metabolism and burn fat.

Through metabolism, it helps to convert fats, carbohydrates and proteins into energy. Without vitamin B-12, proteins can not be properly transported through the body.

It is not easy to use various amino acids without B12. So if you take tons of protein, but little to no B12, then you’ll spin around in circles.

Since one of the steps in carbohydrate and fat processing requires B-12 vitamin, the insufficiency of this vitamin can have a negative impact on the transport of fats in the body. It is needed for good digestion, food intake, and metabolism.

Another great thing about Vitamin B-12 is that it gives you energy. And when you have more energy, you feel more powerful and feel like moving.

Vitamin B12 Reviews

Vit B12 Review

I personally take the b12 methylcobalamin injections regularly for a long time. I have always used B12 to burn my love handles and have always helped me a lot.

B12 Vitamin Review

The test showed a B12 deficiency that was unreadable by local labs.I had 3 injections per week for 2 months, continuing to take 1 injection per week. Things I notice: more energy, improved stamina at the gym and on the field, increased appetite, results from workouts improving, mood improved, restful sleep, and I have lost a few pounds and kept it off easily. No negative side effects.

Side Effects of Vitamin B12 Shots

B12 has very low toxicity levels, and because of this, side effects of B12 and large doses pose no threat or harm to the body unless you have any underlying conditions such as hematologic disease but these is really rear.

Where to Buy Vitamin B12 Injections Online

By now you might be wondering, ‘where can I get B12 shots so I can start experiencing the benefits right away’?

It is important to make sure that you are buying your Vitamin B12 from a trusted source that you can trust will only sell medicinal vitamin B12 manufactured in FDA registered facilities. One way to ensure the quality of the product is to buy it from your local doctor, but it can also be quite expensive to buy injections because you have to pay for medical expenses. Fortunately, injectable vitamin B12 is also available online via telemedicine. Consulting and advisory fees are included in the cost of the product, making it cheaper and more convenient.

If you intend to order your B12 injections online, be sure to follow your due diligence and check where B12 came from. B12 injections, which are offered for sale on many websites, are offered by international pharmacies whose quality control procedures are inferior to those of US pharmacies. When it comes to your health and safety, taking risks is not a good idea, especially if there are safe options.

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Combining B12 and hCG Injections for Weight Loss

Recently, the use of a combination of B12 and HCG vitamin vaccines has been widely advocated as an effective way to lose weight. Losing weight is a complicated journey and no matter what the ads say, there is no easy solution. Sometimes, trying to lose weight can be very frustrating if the weight loss programs you are trying to not only produce results but leave you hungry and exhausted. The combination of vitamin B12 and HCG can provide a solution as they can help you lose weight without losing energy.

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that naturally manifests during pregnancy and whose primary purpose is to provide sufficient nutrients to the child. hCG does its job by indicating the release of fat for energy when the calorie intake is low. This keeps your metabolism slow during a low-calorie diet (like the HCG protocol), so you can continue to lose fat and not lose your muscles.

The main effect of human chorionic gonadotropin is in the center of the brain, which facilitates the release of fat. In fact, hCG drops causes the brain to access fat deposits to burn as an energy source when there is not enough nutritional energy. Therefore, it is believed that hCG helps to mitigate the adverse effects that can occur due to calorie restriction. It can also restore your metabolism for lifelong results.

Vitamin B12 also improves the metabolism and therefore both HCG and Vitamin B12 have the potential to help a person lose extra pounds of course.

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Vitamin B12 Shots Reviews

5 / 5

I have been getting Bvitamin injections for 9 months. Taking for weight loss. Have more energy, I sleep less hours without being fatigued and have not been sick once since I started. Lost 40lbs total with both meds.

5 / 5

For so long I’ve been struggling with low b12 levels in my body so it was a relief to find something that helped stabilize my b12 levels to make me feel more healthy and energetic again. I’ve never felt stronger in my body than I do now. I feel really great and my energy levels really have soared. I actually can’t get my head around the difference these shots have made. I do have to keep using them for now to ensure my levels stay stable and at a healthy level but i am hoping at some point to be able to come off them when my levels are healthy and more likely to remain that way.

4 / 5

I am benefitted by the B12 Vitamin shots in ways that are beyond explanation! However, I will give a fair share of effort in expressing the benefit. Vit B12 shot is a man-made form of natural vitamin B12. B12 shot is used in case of Vitamin B12 deficiency. Formerly, due to deficiency of the vitamin, my body was not able to make protein. The deficiency was also adversely affecting my nerves and cells. But with the Vit B12 shot my life was back on track almost instantly. My diet didn’t supplement the appropriate amount of vitamin B12. Hence I turned to Vit B12 to help and it did not turn me down. I am able to live my life to the fullest now. I would suggest anybody suffering from this deficiency should get this shot as soon as they could. It was definitely a life change experience for me and I am sure you will agree with me.

I ordered the Vit B12 and almost instantly started using it, as the application a piece of a cake. However if still there is a room for doubt search engines are just a search away. Reading through a search I came across a precaution measure. The message said to check for particles or discoloration. I, fortunately, did not receive a faulty product, however, I personally advise on keeping an eye for detail. It is always good to consult a doctor before taking the shot while talking to one don’t forget to ask the appropriate dosage. I took the shot directly in the muscle under the skin every day and reduced the dosage proportionately. I kept extra care on storage of the shot and discarded the needles after use safely. Vit B12 has given me a new life and I hope this review can incline you to make an effort in the same direction. Believe me, I have been there. Take the leap of faith.

4 / 5

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin. This means that the body requires vitamin B12 to work properly. Vitamin B12 can be found in foods such as meat, fish, and dairy products. It can also be made in a laboratory. It is often taken in combination with other B vitamins.Vitamin B12 is taken by mouth to treat and prevent vitamin B12 deficiency, a condition in which vitamin B12 levels in the blood are too low.Vitamin B12 is also taken by mouth for memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, to slow aging, and to boost mood, energy, concentration, mental function, and the immune system. It is also used for heart disease, clogged arteries and decreasing the risk of re-clogging arteries after surgery, high triglyceride levels, lowering high homocysteine levels (which may contribute to heart disease), male infertility, diabetes, diabetic nerve damage, nerve damage in the hands or feet, sleep disorders, depression, mental disorders, schizophrenia, weak bones (osteoporosis), swollen tendons, AIDS, inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, asthma, allergies, a skin disease called vitiligo, and skin infections.

Some people use vitamin B12 by mouth for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease), multiple sclerosis, preventing the eye disease age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a condition in which the body products too much thyroid hormone, Lyme disease and gum disease. It is also used by mouth for respiratory tract infections, maintaining fertility, ringing in the ears, bleeding, liver and kidney disease, canker sores, preventing fractures, preventing stroke, preventing blood clots, and for protection against the poisons and allergens in tobacco smoke. It is also taken by mouth to prevent cancer, including breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer. Vitamin B12 is also used to prevent broken bones and falls, and cataracts. It is also used to help people with a lung disease called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) exercise longer.
Vitamin B12 is applied to the skin either alone or in combination with avocado oil for psoriasis and eczema. Also, a vitamin B12 nasal gel is applied for pernicious anemia and preventing and treating vitamin B12 deficiency.Vitamin B12 is injected into the body to prevent and treat vitamin B12 deficiency. It is also used for tremors, to treat Imerslund-Grasbeck disease, cyanide poisoning, nerve damage caused by shingles, diabetic nerve damage, ringing in the ears, tiredness or fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, hepatitis C, a condition in which the body products too much thyroid hormone, bleeding, cancer, psoriasis, and liver and kidney disease. It is also injected in the body to prevent arteries from re-clogging after surgery.
Vitamin B12 is breathed in for canker sores.

4 / 5

Vitamin B12 well known as cyanocobalamin, is responsible for many of the immuno activites in human body. The defecency of this may lead to many diseases. Web MD has come with an innovatiove substitute of vitamin B12 with no side effects. This comes in the form of an injection, and can be taken very easily at home. There is no further recommendations needed from any of the physicans to use this injection. On an whole it is a good drug to take.

4 / 5

I have had multiple “B-12 deficiency symptoms”. No one knew what to do about my pain until I went to one doctor who said you are B-12 deficient and gave me the injections. After the first shot I had pain and swelling all over half of my body. I barely could walk for two days and I had to do the shot again, because my doctor told me that my body wasn’t used to the shot. I took it again and everything just got worse! I went to hell and back for nothing because I’m still sick and no doctor knows what’s wrong with me. It works for many people but I have to say make sure EVERY symptom that you have is on that list of symptoms for vitamin B-12 deficiency! I have to say I wish I saved all that money and all my pain for a medical doctor not a therapist. Routine test showed a B12 deficiency that was unreadable by local labs. Had 3 injections per week from physician for 2 months, continuing to take 1cc injections IM per week at home. Things I notice: more energy, improved stamina at the gym and on the field, increased appetite, results from workouts improving, mood improved, restful sleep, and I have lost a few pounds and kept it off easily. No negative side effects, however I am taking this in addition to a progesterone supplement due to early in life hysterectomy. Injections are simple and painless. Product is costly when purchased with prescription. I buy online from USA pharmacy for 1/3 the Rx price.I have been battling migraines for two+ decades. A neurologist recently decided to test my Vitamin B 12 levels and determined that, although I was within the normal range, I had a deficiency that may be contributing to symptoms, possibly causing my migraines. I was prescribed a treatment regimen of 1 injection daily for 7 days, 1 injection every week for three weeks, and then 1 injection every month for three months. Almost immediately, I developed swollen, painful sores that were identified as cystic acne breakouts by a dermatologist. I haven’t felt much of a change in my migraines, but have noticed that I just haven’t been feeling well overall on a day to day basis. I have seen previous comments regarding successful weight loss, but this has not been my experience (even with diet and daily exercise). At this point, I have not finished my monthly injections and do not plan on doing so. The side effects of not feeling well and developing acne at the age of 30 are not worth it for me, especially considering that I have not seen improvement with my migraines. Although I have discovered that my experience is not necessarily unique, it is also not that common. As with any advice, treatment or recommendation given by a physician or other healthcare provider, I urge everyone to do their own research, accurately report symptoms and/or satisfaction/tolerance, and determine what is best for you, your health, and your situation.

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