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So you’re thinking of submitting a guestpost to PeptidesHealth… AWESOME! The best way to get a feel for the kind of content we run is to read the blog.

Our Terms & Conditions for Your Blog Approval

  • Make sure .. you write unique content that creates interest of our readers.
  • Article should be 100% original and has to pass the Copyscape test, Paid Tool.
  • Ensure that your Blog/Article is of minimum 1000 – 1200 words.
  • Please write it in well-structured text with headings, numbered or marked lists, tables, etc.
  • Make a strong, clear argument supported by examples, details, and data.
  • We appreciate original concepts. So copy content and contents related to your company, product or anything like that which is published before anywhere will not be accepted.
  • If your article is accepted and published, we are free to edit it according to us or share it anywhere.
  • Submissions may include images that complement the content (where possible). If you provide images, please include a statement about the related copyright and rights of use.
  • The submission should include a meta description tag, 1-2 sentences up to 255 characters that summarize the content.
  • Be sure to include an author bio, including details on your background and expertise that make it clear why your opinion on the topic should count to readers.

Submit your guestpost for consideration

Please contact us via contact form

Want to submit your guest post to us and gain more exposure to your work? Guest posts are becoming a common way for bloggers to expose their work to a larger audience. It is especially useful if you do not have a large audience of your own on your personal blog or website.

It seems like everybody is writing guest posts these days, doesn’t it? And you know what, it’s a great decision for boosting your blog and business. The reason so many people are doing it is because they can get more traffic.

Here’s why you should consider submitting a guest post to us.

We offer a platform with a large audience so your work gets more clicks and ultimately, you gain more credibility for your work. Without a big audience, not many people will be able to see your work, which is why guest posting is an effective way to make sure your work is seen!

Our guest writers come from different businesses and backgrounds. However, one thing they all do have in common is creating great content for our sites.

If you’d like to submit a guest post, contact us now for details.

But before you submit, we urge you to read more about guest posting so you get a good idea how you can make it work best for you.

Your Guide to Guest Posting 2019

Guest contributing is still very much alive and still something many up and coming bloggers are doing. If you’d like to be a guest contributor, read how it can benefit you and how to guest post like a pro.

How to Write a Guest Post

Guest posts are known to grow blogs. That’s why people do it. However, to make it benefit your blog in the best possible way, you’re going to need to write good content. Don’t think churning up a quick, sloppy draft that took 10 minutes to plan and write in total is going to land you a place on a top site. In fact, it probably won’t land anywhere. Websites accepting guest posts want quality. They only provide guest post opportunities to writers who write well. In other words, don’t bother writing if you’re not going to write good, effective content. Nobody will accept it and it will just be a waste of your time.

  1. Be Unique

NEVER copy someone else’s work. First of all, there’s a word for that: plagiarism. Second of all, no decent website would ever accept copied word. All websites accepting guest articles want unique copy. Why would anyone want to publish content that’s already been published? Plus, it’s just not interesting if we’ve seen and read it before. Readers only want to read something genuine, something original, something they’ve not read before.

  1. Be creative

Websites will only take a guest post if it’s interesting and creative. Don’t expect to get accepted if it’s not interesting. Look at what the website normally posts and then use that tone and writing style to increase your chances of getting your guest post accepted. Some websites prefer personal stories, while others prefer more of a journalistic tone based on facts and not at all personal. To get an idea of what to write for a guest post, take a thorough look at the website. You might even have some specific guidelines to follow.

  1. Double Check Before Sending

One of the benefits of guest posting is that you get to show your work in front of tons of people. So if you make any errors, there’s a chance all those people reading your article will spot the mistake. Of course, there may be an editor there to check your work. Still, it looks better if everything is checked through before sending. In short, double check your work before sending and edit anything that seems off.

Guest Post Benefits

There are many advantages of writing guest blogs. Guest blogging can be very beneficial in multiple ways. For instance, you can get more traffic sent back to your blog when you post on a website. In fact, that is one of the big factors in why people write guest posts. They do it so they can get traffic to their blog as well as more exposure.

Here are some more reasons.

You can build relationships

Writing posts for blogs is a great way to meet new people and have people look at your blog. Through the blogging community you can meet people that will be good contacts for your blogging success. Then they will visit your blog and you will receive more traffic.

Gain more business opportunities

The more people that see your post, the more response you will get and more likely that more people visit your website or blog to check out your other posts. You will meet lots of people who you can network with and have for future reference just in case you need their assistance.

Show off your writing skills

This is a great chance to show off your writing skills when guest blogging. In the future, when someone asks you for links to your work, you will be able to show off your skills and easily send them a link to your work when it is published. Of course, you have your own blog posts too, but showing that you’ve been published in other publications will really show off your skills

Fast Exposure

Whether or not you’re writing guest posts for backlinks, your blog or business website will still receive a lot of attention. Your blog will be in front of hundreds of new people daily, so regardless of the guest post backlink you will still benefit from writing a guest post. As long as your article is interesting and compelling, there’s no reason at all why you can’t gain a huge amount of traffic from one article. We are one of the best guest posting sites 2019.

Stimulate Shares

By putting yourself out there, you increase your chances of getting shares for your guest blog post. The more shares your guest content gets, the higher the chance it will go viral or at least, incredibly popular. Make sure you add some bold images or infographics in there to make it even more shareable in the eyes of readers.

Improve Your Site’s SEO

One prime reason people submit guest blogs is to get the backlink – a link to an external website. Even just one single backlink from an authoritative blog will significantly amplify your SEO, making it more discoverable and indexable in Google and other search engines. Just make sure you try to find a website in your niche for relevancy.

Improve Your Content Marketing Skills

You can read everything about content marketing, but it’s only when you adopt tactics yourself that you start to really learn what content marketing is about. After all, they do say you learn as you do and this definitely rings true in this situation.

Community Feedback

To be a great blogger, try to be as active as possible in the blogging community. This really is the best way to not only build contacts, but receive insightful feedback, which can help you grow and improve. Remember to add a call-to-action at the end of your guest post submission. This will spur feedback from readers and other contributors. This is one of the guest posting techniques many bloggers use when writing. They don’t take feedback as criticism. Rather they take it as constructive feedback which they can use to grow.

How to Pitch a Guest Post

If you want a chance at getting your guest post published on an authority website, you will need to ensure the pitch is almost perfect. A pitch is your article proposal and what you can offer the site. Some sites will be happy to publish content right away, while others will want a pitch before accepting.

Here are some tips for pitching guest posts:

  • Follow the guidelines. If the website has special writers’ guidelines, you should read them and follow, otherwise your content probably won’t get published. There is a reason why sites publish guest post guidelines.
  • Introduce Yourself. Why should they publish your guest blog on their site? We want to know who you are, what you do, and if you’ve written for other publications before. Make sure you emphasize your blogging skills.
  • Make sure it’s interesting. Nobody wants to post a boring article. Who would read it? You need to ensure your guest post pitch is interesting so they actually want to publish it.

Where To Guest Post

Are you wondering how do I publish a guest post? People write a guest post for SEO and brand exposure. The best way to publish one is to find sites that accept guest posts. Our guest post guidelines are straightforward. We expect you to offer something interesting, ensure spelling and grammar is accurate, and double check before sending to us. We only publish high quality work that offers value to our readers. Your article will not get accepted if it is plagiarized or in poor English. We are accepting guest posts right now, so do feel free to submit if you’d like to have your work in front of new people every day.

Submit A Guest Post

Want to have your article in front of hundreds of people per day? You can write a blog post for us. We are open to guest contributors. Just get in touch with us now and we will help you. You will gain so much exposure for your blog when you write guest posts for us. This will help you to grow your blog and your business. Write more than one to gain even more exposure. Not only will you get a backlink, you will also receive huge brand exposure and potentially more leads.

Please contact us via contact form

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So dont wait, search these keywords and find the website for guest post according to your niche and improve your ranking in all the search engines.

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