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Sweat it out-cut it out

Are you over weight? And don’t know how to melt your fatty bones by following simpler techniques. Then you are…

Are you over weight? And don’t know how to melt your fatty bones by following simpler techniques. Then you are under the best guide, the article which answers all your questions and clears all your doubts and the best peptides for weight loss. Always try to develop healthier eating habits, be enthusiastic and land up on the track to cut some of your fats.

Burn it off

The main reason for your overweight is, you eat and drink a lot of things which has more calories than they need. You need to follow certain rules to lower down the consumption of food which has more calories. There isn’t any miracle you need to perform or wait for it to happen, you just have to be aware of the calories you take up into your tummy by eating high calorie food and trying to burn it off by doing physical activities and take sarms s22. If you keep a count on your calorie count, you are half way there.

Think about your meals in advance, because when you know what you’re having each day you’ll spend less time in thinking about food all the day.


  • Keep a count on your calories.
  • Eat food which is rich in fibre. It helps you to feel full for longer so that you can stick to your calorie chart.
  • Ex. For food with fibre: 6 apricots, 1 orange, 1 apple, jacket potatoes (not more than 200g), sweet corn, baked beans etc.
  • Always keep fibres for your breakfast.
  • Vegetables are rich in fibre, aim for more portions of veggies on your plate.
  • For snacks, you can have fruits, carrot, cucumber etc.
  • Always have food which has more protein ex. Egg, fish, cheese, yoghurt, beans etc.
  • No matter how strictly you follow your diet plan, or how healthy you eat, you can still put on weight. The consumption of food today is completely different than it was 35-40yrs ago.
  • Eat with small bowls and plates which has high protein and low calories.
  • Avoid eating outside. If you’re having dessert, go with fruit options.
  • While at a restaurant, choose a starter than a main course.



  • Haven’t stepped out of your cars for years? Well, its time now!
  • Start running. Initially start with 5-10minutes of running and gradually increase it to 90-120minutes.
  • But not all of us are naturally sporty, and we haven’t done any serious exercise after school. So it’s hard to decide where to begin.
  • You can start up with normal walking, jogging and later can start doing physical exercise or yoga (most recommended).
  • Brisk walking, swimming are the great examples.
  • Whatever you choose, make sure you’re doing something you enjoy. Because you cannot motivate yourself daily.
  • You may even feel hungry as soon as you start your activity, that’s normal. Because you’re burning calories, so your body needs to replace the energy spent during exercise.
  • Be aware of what you eat post exercise, eating food having high calories can help you in putting on weight rather than losing.


Here are some tips, you need to follow up

  • Walk more
  • Take the stairs
  • Take up running
  • Exercise in your local park
  • Active travel
  • Ditch the car
  • Exercise at work
  • Family fun
  • Green fingers


  • Frying adds more fat to your food, so stop eating deep fried snacks.
  • Grilling- best way of cooking as it doesn’t contain any fat.
  • Poaching- is a fat-free way of cooking egg and meat.
  • Steaming- is a fat-free way of cooking veg and fish.
  • Boiling doesn’t need any oil, therefore adds no fat or calories to food.

After following calorie plan, exercise you need to improve your habits day by day.

  • Boost your breakfast. Make sure you’re making first meal of the day.
  • Stick to your daily calorie intake – 1,4000kcalfor women 1,9000kcal for men.
  • Aim to achieve 150 minutes of exercise every day.
  • Plan to physical activity and follow your chart.

If you feel your motivation is going to fade sooner, here are 10 best tips to boost up your motivation:

  • Be realistic
  • Schedule it
  • Pat yourself on your back
  • Spread the word
  • Phone a friend to exercise with you
  • Pump yourself up
  • Be flexible
  • Remember, the hardest part of exercising is getting up from the bed and getting out of the door.
  • Set goals
  • Reward yourself

 On your marks, get, set, ‘’EAT’’

  • Quick and healthier breakfasts to start your day!
  • Muesli, fruit and low-fat yoghurt
  • Wholegrain breakfast cereal with semi-skimmed milk
  • Boiled egg with toast
  • Grilled mushrooms and tomatoes with any fresh fruit juice (prepared at home)

Cravings for food:

However good our intentions are, but when it comes to food cravings, everything goes into drain.
  • Don’t go hungry – hunger makes craving worse.
  • Drink water – keep drinking water whenever you feel your stomach is empty to avoid from cravings.
  • Find a distraction – engage yourself with some other work.
  • Chew some gum – chewing sugar-free gum can reduce craving
  • Brush your teeth – once your teeth is fresh as mint, it helps you to get rid of craving
  • Reduce temptation  – avoid buying unhealthy foods
  • Set a time limit – cravings are fleeting, try to avoid it for 30minutes at least.
  • Have a small portion – if the desire or craving doesn’t go away, give in with a smart way by eating a small portion of it.

Do you think that fat only has on foods we eat? NO! But most of what we drink also contains calories and fat. So it’s better to keep an eye on liquid calories as well.

Are you an alcoholic?

If yes, you must be knowing that even alcohol has calories. A two glasses of white wine can increase a lot of calories in the body just in a day.

  • Men shouldn’t drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol a day.
  • Women shouldn’t regularly more than 2-3 units of alcohol in a day.
  • With alcohol, you can use soft drink or water – this may prevent you from dehydrating.
  • Choose drinks which has lower ABV (alcohol by volume).
  • Don’t drink anything on empty stomach and avoid high calorie snacks such as crisps etc.
  • Don’t drink in rounds, as it may lead you to drink more than you intended.
  • Try cutting down an alcoholic friend, because you will be stick to it as you have a moral support.
  • Eat something healthier before you start drinking.
  • Avoid drinking large amount of alcohol over a short period of time which may worsen your health.
Not only alcohol, you should also be aware before drinking these:
  • Coffee – has caffeine content in large amount, so it can contain more than 193 calories in one shot.
  • Fruit juice and smoothies – even juice and smoothies have a lot of calories
  • Frizzy drinks – lemonade or cola is not only bad for your health also bad for your teeth.

Weight loss pitfalls:

  • Never skip your breakfast : have something which contains more fibre
  • Skipping meal is a bad idea – eat regularly, do not starve. Keep some healthier snacks just in case.
  • Loosing track of your calories – make a note of everything you bite, within your calorie.
  • Unhealthy snacking – choose snacks with fibre such as fruit, veg etc.
  • Lapping up low-fat – always check food labels for fat, sugar and calorie content.
  • Don’t drink too many calories – you can include water, tea or lemon with reduced fat milk, or green or herbal tea.
  • Weighing yourself too often – weigh yourself once a week, use other goals to measure progress.
  • Oversized portions – use smaller plates and stop eating before you feel full.

Going out for a meal? These are the things you need to be sure with:

  • Read the menu online
  • Don’t skip a meal
  • Stick to one course
  • Downsize your portions
  • Avoid deep-fried
  • You say tomato, avoid cheese, cream or butter
  • Beware of high calorie salads
  • Take your time
  • Share your dessert
  • Don’t drink your calories


  • Low-calorie foreign food which is more exotic
  • Italian – avoid cheese, cream based pasta such as Alfredo etc.
  • Thumbs up for pizzas with veg toppings, veg based soups.
  • Thumbs down for cheesy and meaty pizzas, salami, garlic bread, lasagne etc.
  • Chinese –Chinese food are mostly low-calorie, but avoid anything fried or deep-fried.
  • Thai – Thai food has more of steamed or stir-fried vegetables.
  • Thumbs up for salads, steamed rice, stir-fries.
  • Thumbs down for coconut milk dishes, fried rice, noodles etc.
  • Indian – In spite of many oily dishes, there are plenty of healthier foods too.
  • Thumbs up for tomato-based sauces, tandoori dishes, or basmati rice or plain rice.
  • Thumbs down for bhajis, pilau rice, naan bread etc.

Eat more vegetables- Getting used of eating more vegetables can help you lose weight.

  • Eat vegetables as snacks.
  • Add some veggies to your lunchtime for sandwiches etc.
  • Eat most of salads prepared using fruits and veggies.

Something is stopping you from being active. It’s not a bigger barrier as much as you think:

Never give these excuses to yourself:
  • ‘’I don’t have time’’
  • ‘’I’m too tired’’
  • ‘’I don’t have the willpower’’
  • ‘’I don’t like exercise’’
  • ‘’it’s hard work’’
  • ‘’the weather is too bad’’
  • ‘’I’ve missed a session. I’ll never get back on track’’
  • ‘’I’ll look stupid’’

The secrets of getting fit for free:

Pass the best challenges of your routine, GET OFF THE BED AND WALK OUT OF THE DOOR:

  • Walking- By walking regularly you can lose weight easily than going to gym and working for hours.
  • Cycle to work – ditch your car and go by cycle which also saves your pocket.
  • Park games – park games such as ‘’It’’ are the best choice for families to get together and burn calories while having fun.
  • Skipping – you can do skipping anywhere anytime. An average person can burn up to 200kcal skipping for 15 minutes.
  • Trim trails – are made up of simple pieces of exercise equipment dotted around parks and recreation areas.
  • Park football – football is the best way to get fit and make friends.
  • Mall walking – means the people who aren’t fine about ‘’brisk walking’’ can walk through shopping malls.
This isn’t the end

This isn’t the end. As you know, old habits are hard to break. You need to decide whether you have reached your target weight or want to keep going. Your next and last challenge is keeping the weight off. Weight management is a lifetime commitment, below are some of the common features you already know and need to follow throughout your life:

  • Always stick to lower-quality eating – don’t ever start having food which has higher- calories.
  • Keep planning ahead – keep your healthy eating chart always with you. Regardless of changing routines such as eating out, weekends or holidays etc.
  • Eat breakfast – never skip your breakfast. Always have something which is rich in fibre in the morning.
  • Stay active – do exercise and workout at least for 60-90 minutes.
  • Keep using the chart and keep track of your calorie chart, it helps you to prevent you your calorie count.
  • Watch your weight- check your weight regularly, it helps you to stay on track and correct small weight gains before it becomes serious relapses.
  • Stay consistent – stick to your eating and activity plan. Don’t be tempted to ease off at the end of the day or holidays.
  • Keep it interesting – if you feel boring to follow the same activities. Change the variety and start up a new healthy cookbook and exercise.

After following all this, it means that you’ve managed to stop putting on weight and you’re starting to change your lifestyle for better.

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