Tom O’leary, Cosmo Newbery, Western Australia

SARMs S22 Cream Review

After reading so many positive things about SARMs and how they can improve your physique rapidly and safely, I wanted to try them out. But I personally don’t like injections which is why I ordered the transdermal cream.

The best thing about this cream is that you can apply it directly to the area on which you want to see improvement. It’s amazing! Within 4 weeks of using this cream I noticed significant growth in my biceps. It only  took one sarms s22 cycle of 9 weeks to get my desired results. I suffered no hypodermics or other undesirables side effects from using this cream.

As for where I bought it: SARMs S22 Australia. Although I think their proper name is Peptide Clinics and they are based in Sydney.

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