I have had multiple "B-12 deficiency symptoms". No one knew what to do about my pain until I went to…

I have had multiple “B-12 deficiency symptoms”. No one knew what to do about my pain until I went to one doctor who said you are B-12 deficient and gave me the injections. After the first shot I had pain and swelling all over half of my body. I barely could walk for two days and I had to do the shot again, because my doctor told me that my body wasn’t used to the shot. I took it again and everything just got worse! I went to hell and back for nothing because I’m still sick and no doctor knows what’s wrong with me. It works for many people but I have to say make sure EVERY symptom that you have is on that list of symptoms for vitamin B-12 deficiency! I have to say I wish I saved all that money and all my pain for a medical doctor not a therapist. Routine test showed a B12 deficiency that was unreadable by local labs. Had 3 injections per week from physician for 2 months, continuing to take 1cc injections IM per week at home. Things I notice: more energy, improved stamina at the gym and on the field, increased appetite, results from workouts improving, mood improved, restful sleep, and I have lost a few pounds and kept it off easily. No negative side effects, however I am taking this in addition to a progesterone supplement due to early in life hysterectomy. Injections are simple and painless. Product is costly when purchased with prescription. I buy online from USA pharmacy for 1/3 the Rx price.I have been battling migraines for two+ decades. A neurologist recently decided to test my Vitamin B 12 levels and determined that, although I was within the normal range, I had a deficiency that may be contributing to symptoms, possibly causing my migraines. I was prescribed a treatment regimen of 1 injection daily for 7 days, 1 injection every week for three weeks, and then 1 injection every month for three months. Almost immediately, I developed swollen, painful sores that were identified as cystic acne breakouts by a dermatologist. I haven’t felt much of a change in my migraines, but have noticed that I just haven’t been feeling well overall on a day to day basis. I have seen previous comments regarding successful weight loss, but this has not been my experience (even with diet and daily exercise). At this point, I have not finished my monthly injections and do not plan on doing so. The side effects of not feeling well and developing acne at the age of 30 are not worth it for me, especially considering that I have not seen improvement with my migraines. Although I have discovered that my experience is not necessarily unique, it is also not that common. As with any advice, treatment or recommendation given by a physician or other healthcare provider, I urge everyone to do their own research, accurately report symptoms and/or satisfaction/tolerance, and determine what is best for you, your health, and your situation.