Elizabeth Conrick, Lyons, Australia

Elizabeth Conrick Melanotan 2 Review

Melanotan 2 Review of Elizabeth Conrick | Premium Peptides in Australia
Elizabeth Conrick, Lyons, Australia

I have very pale skin so I rely a lot on self-tanning products, which usually always give a fake tan appearance. That’s why I started using this product for about 1 month. I’d read so many good things about it, I thought I’d give it a try.

At first I could not see any change, but 3 weeks of frequent injections and my skin does look incredible!

I can recommend Melanotan to anyone. You can not go wrong with this product. I would buy it again at any time at PeptideClinics Australia. The order was very easy and on my demand by mail I received immediately an answer. And my product was already with me the day. Unbelievable!

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