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Good Way to Lose some Weight by Diet

Fat people will do everything to make their body skinny. They diet and exercise until they lose their weight. But,…

Fat people will do everything to make their body skinny. They diet and exercise until they lose their weight. But, many people wrong when do diet, they eat so less until they lose their energy to do their activity. They don’t eat breakfast, they just lunch and have some fruits for dinner. That may cause some bad effects to their self like often unconscious, get ill, and anorexic. This is the wrong way for diet. So, in this article I want to tell you about a good way to lose some weight by diet, exercise, and sleep but not torture your self.

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If you want to be more skinny and healthy, you should do a healthy diet. For the very first time, eat 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with enough portion of food, don’t eat too much food but if you want have some snack, at least you just eat 2 snacks a day to make your body metabolism more efficient. More consume fruits and vegetables to make your body healthy and fresh inside. Don’t forget to have breakfast, it will decrease calorie intake for whole day. Drink mineral water at least 2 liter a day and try not to consume every food and drink that contain of sugar. Don’t compensate food to your feeling. Bad habit when we feel sad, bored, or broken heart we usually wreak it with snacking like eat ice cream, chocolate, and eat profusely.

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Then, you have to exercise routinely. Running can be a good option to do exercise the man with 68kg weight can burn 893 calorie for an hour with Healthy Weight Lossrunning 8 minutes per mil. But this kind of exercise is kind a hard, if you want to be more fun in exercise, you can do aerobic. Aerobic is like dancing but with the patterns. This kind of exercise will burn 357 calorie. Aerobic can beautify your hip and thighs. Or, if you want to exercise while riding, you can bike. Biking for about 18 mils per hour, you can burn at least 560-850 calorie. For the last, you can swim to lose your weight. This kind of exercise is very good with Vitamin B12 to our whole body, because when we swim, we make all the muscle work. It wills burns 497 calorie depends on a swim style and speed.

This is the most comfortable way for the people who want to lose their weight. For the people who have fat gene, they have to sleep for about 9 hours everyday to make their diet more effective. The research shows that the longer they sleep then gene factor to their weight is decrease. It means, although they fat, they can lose their weigh if they have enough sleep. Because the fat gene in their body is very affect their weight. That gene affects energy metabolism, accumulation and combustion fat process to be an energy, and regulation of hunger.

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So, if you want to make your body to look skinny, you can do diet, exercise, and sleep. Well, hopefully, that way will work out and you can make your body become your dream body.

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