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What is Anxiety

Anxiety in this modern era of civilization has become  one of the most important factors in eliciting problems in human…

Anxiety in this modern era of civilization has become  one of the most important factors in eliciting problems in human life. There are innumerable factors that herald  anxiety among human beings like hormones, fast foods, job tensions ,family problems ,disturbances in nuptial life, severe stress etc. In most of the metropolis anxiety  had led to heart attacks and sometimes even proved to be fatal.

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Numerous examples of daily life can be well cited like a person writing a competitive exam  for a job or a seat in reputable college may await for the result of his exam with bated breath. Similarly employees in an organization awaiting for a chance to get promoted to a higher scale  after working painstakingly  may be anxious to know about the promotion results with oxytocin. So as politicians anxiously wait for the election result .A man without anxiety is rarefied in this materialistic life. Hormones get activated  due to anxiety and create humongous problems among youth like frustration , depression , menstrual problems in females , suicidal tendencies.

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Anxiety  obliviously takes us to the path of graveyard within no time. Imbalance in professional-private life creates so much anxiety and mental pressure  that a person  becomes insane and  develops an hostile approach towards life. Smooth functioning of life is often stymied  due to prosaic day to day concerns .Almost in every country anxiety has become a core problem and doctors with oxytocin australia are focussing much more on persons mental  well being rather than physical. There is an air of jaded sullenness especially among the working people and read more on Anxiety: An overview.

So far the panacea for evils of anxiety has not yet been found thoroughly but many  ancient therapies like yoga , meditation ,rehabilitation ,pranayama and breathing exercises or some kind of physical activity  are being introduced oxytocin for sale .These kind of holistic treatments assuage the negative effects of anxiety to some extent  for the euphoria of  people.

Problems of anxiety has to be dealt more cerebrally than physically  in order to bring the mind in a state of equilibrium. Equanimity  can also negate the  effects of anxiety  from a long term perspective with the best oxytocin.

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