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Want to lose weight fast? Just fast!

Fasting is an age-old practice that runs for centuries for religious reasons. Fasting and intermittent fasting practices are becoming commonplace…

Fasting is an age-old practice that runs for centuries for religious reasons. Fasting and intermittent fasting practices are becoming commonplace nowadays due to the need to lose fat. Fasting helps the digestive system rebuild itself, repair cell tissues and most importantly flush out a lot of toxins and other harmful oxidants from the system. The body does not starve – this is very important.

A lot of people assume that fasting implies starvation, but the state of starvation is one wherein the body is no longer able to draw in nutrition from its cells. Fasting, on the other hand, involves simply drawing nutrition from cells and eliminating free radicals/toxins from the body.


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There are a few important guidelines to consider before fasting as stated below:

They may be able to give you a clearer idea of the dos and don’ts while fasting. Fast intermittently before going for a longer fast: It’s important that you have fasted for 2-3 days before attempting a fast greater than a week. The intermittent fast helps you to understand your body much better and how it functions after periods of time. If you have a medical condition, or a pregnancy it is better to consult a medical professional before attempting a fast.

A fast involves a number of phases, each of it playing a crucial role in the overall process:

Colon cleanse:

It’s advisable to do a colon cleansing before starting a fast. A colon cleansing traditionally involves using castor oil to purge out waste from the colon till it is empty. This is essential because it helps the cleansing process that happens during a fast by freeing passages for toxin removal.


2 or 3 days before a fast, one should gradually reduce the intake of grains, legumes, vegetables, meat and other cooked foods. The diet should consist of fruits like orange, lemon, apples, and watermelon. Once the last bit of fruit is finished, the fast begins officially.


During this time, the body sends out pangs of hunger but these are mostly a mental issue as we need to work through those times. The body does not recognize that it is deliberately being deprived of food until around 36-48 hours, which is when our digestive system shuts down and the size of the stomach reduces drastically. The digestive system recognizes the deliberate deprivation and starts its work of repairing itself.

Near the end of the fast:

If one is intent on a long fast, it is important to know when to start consuming food. There will come a moment when the body has finished its repair work and consumes as much stored fat for energy that it signals the need for food. This signal is in the form of a deep hunger, prompting us to the end our fast.

Post fast food:

As our stomach has reduced its size, we must be careful not to shock the digestive system with sugary foods or cooked foods. Fasting should be broken with lemon or orange juice consumed throughout the day for a couple of days. After that, fruits should be consumed gradually for another couple of days. The quantity of intake should also be on the lower side as we cannot risk shocking the stomach, which will undo all the beneficial effects of the fast.
A very important thing to remember is that if you’re fasting for greater than 3 days, we should restrict our physical and mental activities. Ideally, you should go on a retreat that helps you by providing guidance during the phases of the fast as well as providing the right type of food.

After FastingPeptidesHealth GHRP 6 Review - Want to lose weight fast? Just fast!

After this period, you may notice a drastic weight loss thanks to fasting. The weight loss could be from loss of excess fat or carbs stored in the body. The above was stated as a rigorous and safe way of fasting for long periods. The most popular method for weight loss is intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting involves skipping a meal every day to reduce the load on the body. People typically skip breakfast, as we have fasted overnight to prolong the fasting. They have two big meals – like lunch and an early dinner to improve weight loss.

Best part of Fasting

The best part of fasting is that your body taps into the fat stores and doesn’t look into the glycogen stores in the system, thus you don’t need to load up on too many carbohydrates. Other beneficial effects include a much cleaner gut, a sexy body, superior mental health. The last part is so important in the modern context. Our mental health and ability to cope with stress increases as we get used to long and intermittent fasts. Fasting on alternate days really helps out overweight women as well. The blood lipid profiles are reduced and reduce the bad cholesterol in our body.

Improve your Fitness

It’s just a will to improve your fitness and desire to burn fat which is highly important. Fasting is also very useful after a day of binging or especially during the holiday festivals like Christmas, New Years or Easter’s where you’re loaded up on trans-fats, plenty of sugar and junk, and blank carbohydrates. The idea is to skip meals either before the binge or after the binge. Skipping meals after the festival makes more sense, as it helps us understand how much we need to fast to compensate for eating like a glutton.

Different aspect of fasting

Another aspect to fasting we have to remember is that weight loss is your ultimate goal. No, not that dessert you had during a corporate team lunch or a burger you had with a close friend at Burger King. You have to be firm and yet soft in the way you refuse the food. If we want to be social and respect courtesies, we lose sight of our real goals. It may seem rather blunt and harsh to put it that way, but its true.

Purpose or for a health reason

Finally, fasting kind of re-engineers the programming of our cells after each fast. After each fast, the cells are healthier and you feel more energetic. Fasting periodically is important, whether you’re doing it for a religious purpose or for a health reason – it is essential to living a healthy and long life. So, remember that next time someone tells you to eat your breakfast an hour after waking up, just tell them that you’re losing weight by fasting and convince them to join you in a group fast to make it more fun!

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