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Supplies and Equipment

MedlabGear the #1 Supplier when it comes to Supplies and Equipment | Medical and Research Supplies | Laboratory Supply |…

MedlabGear the #1 Supplier when it comes to Supplies and Equipment

When it comes to supplies and equipment, quality is very important. That is why we are very proud that we have found a partner with MedlabGear that we can trust 100% and that we are convinced of the quality. Not only that the customer service is excellent (mail, phone and text message) also the same day delivery and the high-quality packaging complete the entire offer of medlabgear.

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Laboratory Supply

  • Medical and Research Supplies
    – Syringe Supplies
    – Sterile Vials
    – Medical Vials

    – Needles
    – Insulin Syringes
    – Ampules

    – Clear Serum Vials

  • Medical Supplies Syringe

    – Clinical Laboratory Supplies

    – Research Laboratory Supply

    – Laboratory Medical Supplies

    – Diabetic Supplies

    MedlabGear Discount - supplies

As you can see, med lab gear has a very large assortment. But that’s not all, go to their website to see the full offer, you’ll be surprised!

Syringes & Needles

  • BD PrecisionGlide Needle
  • NIPRO Medical 5CC Syringe
  • BD Luer Lock 5ml Syringe
  • NIPRO Medical 10ml Luer Lock Syringe
  • EXEL Medical Products 1CC Luer Lock Syringe
  • Covidien Medical Monoject 3cc Syringe
  • Advocate Pharma Insulin Syringe

Find all Syringes and Needles on their website.

Sterile Vials

  • Sterile 30ml – 20mm 25 Vials
  • Sterile 10ml-20mm 25 Vials
  • Sterile 20ml-20mm 10 Vials
  • Sterile 50ml – 20mm Vial
  • Sterile 100ml-20mm Vial
  • Sterile 30ml – 20mm Vial

Find all Sterile Vials on their website.


  • Wheaton 20mL Ampules
  • Wheaton 10mL Ampules
  • Wheaton 5mL Ampules
  • 10mL Ampules, bulk pack
  • Kimble Kimax 10mL Ampules

Find all Ampules on their website.

Autoclave Bags

  • Sterilization Pouches
  • and more can you find here.

Diabetic Supplies

Medlab has EasyTouch | Retractable Safety Syringe w/ Exchangeable Needle and more in assortment.

Why Buy Laboratory Supply by Medlab

  • Highest Quality

  • Lower prices

  • You can buy in bulk

  • Same day delivery

  • International delivery

  • Unique products

  • Flexible payment system

  • Incredible customer service

If you would like to know more about med lab gear and medlab supply, we have written an in-depth article about MedlabGear. To keep you better informed, we have written an article about MedlabGear Discount.

Discover their full range of equipment here.

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