To get health benefits we must have to eat healthy fruits of them Avocado is the important food ,Rich in…

To get health benefits we must have to eat healthy fruits of them Avocado is the important food ,Rich in Oleic acid ,as well as omega -9 proteins.
1]Avocado reduces cholesterol & improves heart health. This is fibrous with full of juice so it increases digestion capacity & so automatically our immunity power also getting increased. 2]Avocado oil & Olive oil found to be more beneficial to increase the HDL along with cholesterol A few studies has been shown that it is welcome fruit to reduce cholesterol & blood pressure.
3]It has sour taste means not so much sweet & so much sour so that we can eat it as a salad at any time . It keeps stomach light as well as feel satisfied means it work as a appetizers.
4] Benefits for eyes: High in Lutein , an antioxidant. eating plenty of Lutein reducing the risk of cataracts & macular degeneration.Which are common eye diseases in people.
5] Enhances the Absorption of Important Nutrients :
It has more capacity to hold water means juice , due to it it absorb highly nutrient value product & makes assimilation easy. However fruits & vegetables which are carotene antioxidants which are typically low in fats.
6] It reduces the problem of arthritis . Today this problem bringing a new stories means fractures, joint operations etc .If we will keep precaution for it by eating Avocado oil in every day diet it can prevent arthritis as well as bones problems.
7] Prevents gum diseases.We know if we have teeth decay it
creates due to bleeding in our gum & produces foul smell in our mouth. Sometimes injury in Gums produces a lot of germs in the mouth & feeling a lot of pain in the teeth so avocado prevents bleeding from the gums & act as a pain killer in the mouth.
8] works as a skin & wound healer. One small study in humans found that a vitamin containing B12 Avocado oil improves symptoms of psoriasis after 12 weeks of treatment.

10 ] Best nutrient for radicalizes. It’s antioxidants fights to the cellular damage caused by free radicals which are water products of metabolism..
High levels of them can lead to oxidative stress, which may contribute to diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease