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Taylor, Sydney, Australia


Melanotan 2 Review from Taylor, Sydney, Australia

Melanotan AustraliaI have white skin, the type Melanotan 2 was created for. I took it during the summer months for 3 years. MT II changed my life a lot for the better. To my joy, I am very dark brown now and I do not have the moles.

I did feel a little bad in the first week. My great success is, now I’m back in training and I’m in good shape. As soon as I am on Melanotan, I can literally customize my color per dose.

On the beach, I was darker than the golden-skinned Americans … and I still have very great energy – impressive!

It is safe to use, but be careful of the dosage of Melanotan you take. This hormone is known to be very strong and you must experiment with a low dose under proper medical supervision when this hormone is used for the first time.

In other regular users the hand of this hormone, they are known to acclimate to use and provide none of the same negative side effects.

Melanotan is often known as the “Barbie drug”, but excessive use of everything is bad. Also, an interesting fact about these hormonal medications is that you don’t necessarily need to be in the sunshine in order to get a tan.