We hate to start this on a somber note. But we have to. If only you guys could see the…

We hate to start this on a somber note. But we have to. If only you guys could see the things that we have to endure on e-mail.
Just the other day, we got an email asking us about SR9009, now (fondly) called Stenabolic.The guy wanted to use SR9009 cause he was afraid that Cardarine (GW-501516) was giving him gut cancer. We asked him about his dosing schedule with Cardarine and he was using a paltry 5mg a day.And to make things worse, he thought that SR9009 is a SARM.To the whole wide world, SR9009 is not a SARM and Cardarine will not give you cancer unless you are guzzling 100s of bottles a day.
To put things into perspective, here’s our official SR9009 review. You can read our Cardarine review over here.
Anybody who sends us an email with questions like the one above will be tracked down and force fed 100 mg of Cardarine a day for the rest of their lives.SR9009 is a ligand or a molecule that attaches itself to another molecule, which in this case is a group of proteins called Rev-ErbA. By attaching itself to these, SR9009 amplifies their effects.It was developed under Professor Thomas Buriss at the Florida campus of the Scripps Research Institute
The initial testing happened in mice and it gave them a tremendous endurance boost. They could run 50% longer than they used to and for a longer duration of time.

But that’s not where it gets interesting.

The rev-Erb-α gene in humans deals with a wide array of intra cellular functions like metabolizing glucose and lipids, dealing with circadian rhythms and increasing the count of mitochondria in the cells.All that translates into increased energy courtesy burning fat stores, enhanced metabolism and faster repair.Would make an athlete drool, wouldn’t it?That’s what makes SR9009 the blue-eyed baby of professional athletes and bodybuilders today.