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Let me first begin by saying WOWWW. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased i am with this company.…

Let me first begin by saying WOWWW. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased i am with this company. 1st off the customer service via phone is amazing. Gabe who usually answers the phone is awesome and will answer any question you have. They shipped my order out the same day i placed it(pretty sweet right there). When my product arrived it was properly wrapped so that there was no damage. The purity was 100%. Within the first few days you will notice there product working(i assure you). Extremely happy all around with this company. If anyone would like to message me for questions feel free.

Great customer service, high quality products that are safe and 3rd party tested. I totally recommend them! Only company I trust in the game.

A lot of people are saying this is expensive compared to other brands, but this actually just contains more collagen and protein per serving. I have attached a breakdown below comparing Axe, Vital Proteins, Sports Research, and Great Lakes. I doubled the servings for the others so they would be around the same amount Vital Proteins provides of collagen and protein per serving. Overall, Vital Proteins is $1.46/serving with 20g collagen and 18g protein per serving. Sports Research is $1.40 per serving for 22g collagen and 20g protein, a little better deal, but they were the two best values of Collagen Peptides out there. Axe does not contain nearly as much collagen and protein as the others when you double the servings to meet Vital Proteins serving size. Overall I think I will stick to the Vital Proteins since it provides 28 servings so I will only have to order every month and I know it’s grass fed, pasture raised beef.