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India is the second largest producer in wheat and rice which are worlds major food staple's. India is currently the…

India is the second largest producer in wheat and rice which are worlds major food staple’s. India is currently the second and third largest producer of several dry fruits, agriculture based textile raw materials, roots and tuber crops, pulses, farmed fish, eggs, coconuts, sugarcane and vegetables. In India there are few types of farming practices they are 1. Shifting Agriculture 2. Subsistence Agriculture 3. Intensive Farming 4. Extensive Farming 5.Plantation Agriculture 6. Commercial Agriculture 7. Dry Land Farming 8. Wet Land Farming. There are three different crops that are grown in india that mainly depends upon the season and the compatability with weather. The main Food Crops that are grown in india are Wheat, Maize, Rice, Millets, Pulses etc., and the Cash Crops are Sugar Cane, Cotton, Tobacco, Jute and OilSeeds etc., Whereas Plantation Crops include Coconut, Tea, Coffee and Rubber etc., and Horticulture Crops include Fruits and Vegetables. Agriculture is the most important sector of Indian Economy and it also accounts for 18% indian GDP. The outstanding features of Indian agriculture are Subsistence Agriculture
Pressure of Population on Agriculture
Importance of Animals
Dependent upon monsoon Variety of Crops Predominance of Food Crops Insignificant place to given Fodder Crops Seasonal Pattern. There are some causes of low productivity of Indian Agriculture like Over crowding in Indian Agriculture Socio-Economic factors, Natural Factors,
Lack of Adequate finance, Lack of Productive Investment, Inadequate Marketing system, Small Size of Holdings, Defective pattern of Land tenure.