J. Grey-Smith, Sydney, Australia

LGD 4033 Review from J. Grey-Smith | Premium Peptides Australia
J. Grey-Smith, Sydney, Australia

Amazing results from LGD 4033

First of all, I would like to apologize for this LGD 4033 review being so long. Since I’ve been using lgd for a while now and have had great results from it, I wanted to share with you my experience of using it.

If you to use LGD 4033, you have certain expectations. I know because I had them too when I used lgd the first time. That’s why I am writing my personal LGD 4033 Review:

One pound of muscle per month is what you would expect with a light training program – but I did even more! And without additional products or in combination with others! I couldn’t be happier!

So I started with 2 mg per day (the time of day when you take LGD 4033 does not matter). After about 3 weeks, I saw a significant increase in my muscle mass !! This was really fascinating to see!

It took 8 weeks to see really noticeable results and I increased the amount of lgd every week by 2 mg per day, so I took 10 mg per day towards the end of the cycle.

I am very satisfied with the result. lgd 4033 helped me build muscle mass and I’m fully thrilled with the result!

After a 2 month cycle, I’m now taking a two month break. When I’m finished with my next cure, I’ll write my next LGD 4033 Review.

Oh, I almost forgot. I had no negative side effects with the application of lgd. Only my sexual drive was increased, but I do not think I would complain about it 😉

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