Here Some of my friends comment about 5-HTP suppliment. Today is the 4th day of taking 5-HTP. I still feel…

Here Some of my friends comment about 5-HTP suppliment.
Today is the 4th day of taking 5-HTP. I still feel sad, have negative thoughts and bouts of anger, but they quickly dissipate and no longer linger on to consume me like what they used to. There’s this sense of calmness that is allowing me to make sound judgements and decisions without being hampered by negative feelings all the time. I feel like the decisions that I make will lead to positive results, as opposed to bad endings that I used to feel prior to taking 5–HTP. Might be too early, but I can safely say that I am no longer a victim of my own depressive thoughts. I am no longer a person who is constantly sad and angry. The only flip side is that 5-HTP does wreak some havoc in my stomach and I feel bloated with gas at times. But it does seem to feel less intense as the days go and I am hoping that my gut will get used to this supplement. Overall, what a miracle supplement. My only regret is that why didn’t anyone informed me about 5-HTP earlier. I feel as if so many decades of my life wasted on being weary all the time and so many days and opportunities to seek happiness were missed. Nonetheless, better late than never.
My grandmother gave me these to try. I was moody throughout the day,tired all the time and I just didn’t feel very positive about life. I wasn’t getting a restful nights sleep and I could feel my anxiety just eatting at me all day long. I’ve tried medications from my doctor but they make me feel fuzzy minded and kinda (zombiefied) so I quickly stopped them. After starting 5-HTP within days my mood changed drastically. I took one pill in the morning on a empty stomach and about a hour later I felt so much better, positive and happy. When I wake up in the morning I feel like I’ve had a great night sleep. I have been on HTP for about a month and I can honestly say I am so happy I stated these. I would definitely recommend these to anyone that might be feeling off, sluggish and unhappy.
I had been in a relatively light but still very draining depression for the past year or so. I used 5-HTP a few times before but it was never when I was really depressed so all it did was give me a calmer feeling and slight contentment. This week I started using 5-HTP again, with doses averaging 300-500mg a day. By the very first few days I have already noticed an increased mood, and more positive thinking. I had already begun a change in my mentality before the 5-HTP that was pulling me out of my depression but the 5-HTP just catapulted me straight upwards and I feel that it is speeding the process. Somedays I just look around me and am in this feeling of wonder and aliveness. It’s like that feeling of life has been handed back to me. It’s very meditative. I would recommend this BUT I am worried about heart valve issues if used for a long-term time, so I will be weaning off of this slowly now as I believe I have already gained what I wanted from it. Though I do think the heart valve damage is very unlikely with normal use, as one study I read used HEROIC doses on rats for 3 months, no human being is likely to be using such doses so as long as you make this a short treatment, it is wonderful!