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Ashton MacMahon

NSW 2330 Review From Ashton MacMahon

PeptideClinics Australia has provided a really great service.

This is my opinion of LGD 4033. I started taking 4 mg of LGD 4033 each week to reach 10 mg. I immediately saw a slight gain in strength. It could have been a placebo at first. But I took it for a couple of months so it is very unlikely.

After a week I saw results. It took several weeks before the dose was increased. However, the gains are finally extinguished at around the 8 mg stage of dosage. I saw additional benefits when I started again.

Honestly, this company would probably lead to the same results in the 6-8mg region. There’s actually no added advantage in increasing the dose. You just have to start with a moderate dose until you see results.

The great thing about this peptide is that you can use it without worrying it will damage your health. It is a safe alternative to steroids. Overall, I would give this product 4/5 stars.

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