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Building upper body strength and form with minimum injury risk.

Weightlift is a common method in order to increase strength and building muscle. Many trainers suggest us to do bench press. We can’t deny the benefits of doing bench press, for example it will increase your upper body strength, having stronger arms and even improve your bone health with Ostarine (MK-2866).

Mistakes can always happen in every attempt of doing bench press, especially by new lifter. By doing mistake not only you can’t maximize the benefits of doing bench press, but also you have the risk of getting serious injuries  with the best sarms supplier usa.

In order to reduce the amount of mistakes that can happen when you are doing bench press, today I will share my knowledge about bench press mistakes that new lifter will always do.

  1. Not Using Thumb to Grip the Bar

As you can see in picture A, this kind of grip is the one that new lifter always use. Because this grip not using thumb to cover the bar, you are at the risk of dropping the bar to your head. Find the best products by proven peptides on their website.

It is better to use the full thumb grip as shown in picture B. By utilizing the thumb, this will increase your grip strength and covers the bar from sliding to your head.

  1. Bouncing the Bar

Do not bounce the bar by using your chest. This will increase your momentum to lift the bar from your chest which means you are not fully using your arms’ strength. Besides, if you drop the bar too fast to your chest you are at the risk of having few fractured ribs  like pt 141(pt-141)

If you feel the bar is bouncing on your chest that means you have to reduce the weight since you are actually not strong enough.

  1. Bench Press with Feet in the Air

By using your feet on the ground as shown by the right picture, you can balance yourself while doing bench press.

Meanwhile, if you do bench press with your feet in the air, you can lose your balance between your feet and the weight you are carrying on your head. This way, you are at the risk of dropping the weight directly on your head and can cause serious injury with LGD-4033(Ligandrol).

  1. Doing Bench Press without a Spotter

Do not do bench press without someone to spot you if you are a new lifter. Professional lifters know what to do with every single muscle they have while doing it since they already have much experience with MK-677 (Ibutamoren).

As a beginner, you will need someone to watch over you while you are doing it. This will reduce your risk of having incident, and you will have someone to help you when you are not strong enough to continue.  Save with the Medlab Gear Coupon on every purchase!

  1. Always Do Warm Up Exercises before Doing Bench Press

Simple warm up can reduce muscle cramp that can happen when you are lifting weight. You can do some full body stretching to prepare your muscles, lifting lighter weight like dumbbells, and even do bar only bench press with GW-501516(Cardarine).

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