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Today every Young one is deeply attracted towards bodybuilding, but bodybuilding is not only exercising about biceps and chest. Today’s generation doesn’t know the exact meaning of body building, they are just joining the Gym for show off. 90 percent of the people join Gym just for showing off. Rest 10 percent actually know what it is. But still some people who are really serious about the Gym also don’t know the meaning of fitness.

Bodybuilding is an art which keeps our body fit and fine

They only do exercises of biceps, chest and back, which will pump up their body and it will be an asset for them in any function or in day today life for showing off. But some people really know the meaning of fitness, they have a perfect exercise plan and train for their whole body to be fit, instead of just show off. Bodybuilding is an art which keeps our body fit and fine. There are various types of exercises, different for different body parts, such as biceps, back, chest, abs, thighs, abdomen, calf, wrist, etc.


Any person must be aware of all this exercises before joining the gym for body building. Because anything goes wrong while doing exercise then it could be dangerous. So, please have proper knowledge of gym and Exercise before trying Body Building

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Make small changes in your diet and lifestyle to gain muscle faster. New and faster gain doesn’t always mean you have to drastically change your diet and workout plans. Small changes add up to major results. Follow the list below to have a ripped body

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How To Build Muscle

  • Go to bed 30 mins earlier : Recovery is very important for muscle growth and there is no better way to recover  than by simply sleeping more. However you can control when you go to bed,thereby giving you the best chance of getting as much as sleep as you can.
  • Drink a shake during training :Pre and post workout shakes are necessary but drinking a shake during your training sessions is a great way of sneaking in some extra calories without having to make a meal. Drinking a shake during workout will also give you a shot of carbs to help you keep your energy up thereby by making it a tad bit easier for you to reach your goal.
  • Do compounds :Do exercises that do several muscles at the same time. You’ll be able to life heavier weights which will trigger much more muscle growth. Your workout should consist Squats,Bench,Dead lifts,Overhead press and Barbell rows.
  • Eat more on “off” days : Just because you aren’t working out today doesn’t mean you can’t eat big.Your off days are when most of your muscle growth takes place-the recovery phase- so it’ll make sense to have extra nutrients on hand so the body can make the most of it.
  • Keep cardio training down: Cardio is counter productive to muscle gain.It can interfere with your recovery capacity as well as decrease the total amount of muscle you are bale to build.

Fast and safe results

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