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Simple Bodybuilding Exercises for Beginners You Should Try

Bodybuilding exercises for beginners are commonly characterized by their simplicity and regularity in practice. Such simple movements as pushing, pulling,…

Bodybuilding exercises for beginners are commonly characterized by their simplicity and regularity in practice. Such simple movements as pushing, pulling, and squatting are basics for those starting their bodybuilding practice. The length of workouts does not guarantee the success, but the consistency and regularity do. These followings are simple exercises worth practicing by the beginners.


Stick your palms to the ground and make pushing-up movements. Record how many you could do this day. Redo the next day to upgrade the numbers of pushing-ups. By doing this, you strengthen your abdomen muscles and gradually increase their mass and density increases.

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Ideally, you should not enforce yourself into breaking the record of your own each time of practice. Another way of making pushing movement is by sticking your palms to the wall and pushing it as hard as you can. This simple bodybuilding exercise for beginners effects well in the growth of targeted muscles.


Stand bellow the bar and reach it with your hands. Hold tightly and pull it as powerfully as you can. By pulling the bar, a reverse effect results in the lifting of your body. Notice the numbers of the lifting and keep them in record. Do this movement for the next day to know the increase in numbers. Studies reveal that relaxed mind and happy heart correlates positively to the endurance of simple bodybuilding exercises for beginners.

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Barbell and Dumbbell Lifting

When you lift a barbell of some kilograms, your muscles develop. You can redo with more weights for the next session to notice the progress and shift the weight as you wish with a barbell each time, but not with a dumbbell. You can make a permanent barbell of your own with cement.

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This barbell has a fixed weight on each end of the bar. A dumbbell is a kind of barbell with a shorter bar and permanent weight commonly lighter. Both are helpful for executing simple bodybuilding exercises for beginners.


Squatting is worth doing by the beginners and affects greatly to the development of both abdomen and leg muscles. This simple exercise also functions well in keeping the body’s balance. You can do this on each workout’s schedule and monitor the progress by recording the duration. Normally, you unconsciously do squatting when you pub in the toilet. That is why sitting toilets give out less favors to your body.


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Stretching is done particularly to target the chest muscles to grow. You simply stretch your arms and move them side by side. There is no weight loaded, but duration indicates the progress. By doing this simple bodybuilding exercise for beginners your lungs are made healthy since you inhale pure oxygen in the morning.

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Since there are varied strokes in swimming, multiples muscles can be targeted. Which muscles do you develop when you apply back strokes? The answer will be different when you swim in butterfly or free style. Swimming is the best sport to develop the compound muscles in your body since it involves an overall movement. However, compared to the first four, swimming is both less simple and more expensive to practice because you need to travel some kilometers to find a swimming pool.

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Unquestionably, everyone wants to stay fit and have a good look of posture by becoming a bodybuilder. There are certainly multiple factors that support your dream to come true. As a beginner, you can act from simple exercises as above suggested. In addition, non-physical factors are worth considering such as state of mind, emotion, and healthy diets. Today, there are lots and various kinds of equipment on sale for bodybuilding practices and you can shortlist in accordance with the need. Take the simple exercises for bodybuilding for beginners on the basis of regularity first, instead of buying the most advanced equipment.

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