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MUSCLES GROWTH: One does not simply gain muscles just by drinking protein shakes

Muscles growth implicate enlargement in size of cells. Two factors of muscles growth are: Sarcoplasmic: It mainly focus on enlargement…

Muscles growth implicate enlargement in size of cells. Two factors of muscles growth are:

  1. Sarcoplasmic: It mainly focus on enlargement of muscle’s glycogen storage.
  2. Myofibriller: It mainly focus on enlargement of myofibril size.

It is controversial that there is any specific way to enlarge muscles but it is generally considered that anaerobic training can produce muscles in long term. During workout, blood pressure increase which cause instant growth or enlargement in muscles, which is defined as “pumped up”. After some days of regular workout muscles become enlarged as tissue damaged is repaired.


It is the most side effect friendly of any GHRP hormones. it exactly targets GH (Growth Hormones) pulse however it does not increase hunger. it’s effects are simple because it just increase production of GH hormones in body. High levels of GH increase rate of metabolism in body which is really necessary for healthy living. It increase recovery of cells and help in building new tissues.

SARMs S22 Forte:

It is used to increse body mass and it is most preferred because of no side effects. But it should be used after proper consultancy because not everyone knows properly about their allergies. it’s results may vary from person to person. Some people may find it really working impressively and on the other hand some may face disappointment.


It is also known as DAC:GRF which is abbreviation of Drug Affinity Complex: Growth-hormone Releasing Factor. It increase plasma growth hormone and insulin like growth factor in both humans and animals. The study was continued on treatment of lipodystrophy but after the death of a subject it became discontinued but the attending physician claims that the subject died because he was suffering from coronary artery disease with plague rupture but the research discontinued as a precaution however it’s buying and selling is still found in black market for body building purpose.

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