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ION Peptides Review: Why Everyone’s Choosing Them

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Founded in 2009, ION Peptides is a high-tech company providing research chemicals and peptides. Based in Hong Kong, China, they’ve sold products to North America, Europe, universities, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical companies. With their highly educated biochemical research and development team, ION Peptides guarantees a premium quality product every time you order from them.

The company is also equipped with the most advanced equipment in peptide synthesis, quality inspection and purification. In order to ensure the best quality products, Ion Peptides has imported special equipment such as ultraviolet spectrophotometer and high pressure liquid chromatography from the United States. And they’ve imported raw materials from other countries.

ION Peptides has a goal to provide the most supreme quality products at the most affordable prices. With multiple warehouses across the world, they are aiming to be the world’s leading supplier of peptides, sarms, and other research chemicals.

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Is ION Peptides Legit?

ION Peptides Reviews

Buying research chemicals online can be risky if you don’t order from a reputable supplier. The problem is, there are so many scammers out there just wanting to make money fast without a care in the world about the wellbeing of their customers. It isn’t fair that you should have to spend your hard earned cash on a poor quality product that does not work.

ION Peptides is a well-established company with a lot of experience in the research chemical field. Their five prime values are: affordable, innovative, reliable, quality and service. ION Peptides has been operating since the early 2000s, trying to build a solid foundation for their life science projects. Today, they guarantee great customer service, an excellent product and fast shipping.

Is ION Peptides Legitimate? From our experience, we have had no problems with ION Peptides legit. For that reason, we can only vouch for them and their products. We’ve always been happy with their service and would certainly recommend them to our readers.

We urge all our readers to make sure you do plenty of thorough investigation before buying from a company. The last thing we want is for you to receive a poor quality peptides product. Fortunately ION Peptides SARMs and peptides are extremely affordable and high quality.

ION Peptides Quality Control

One of the things that make Ionpeptides unique is that they provide high quality products at low prices. Usually it would be impossible to find SARMS at low prices – especially the ION Peptides prices which are the lowest around. Still, they had a goal to ensure their quality was not affected and today they have reached that goal.

All of their products are developed in an environment of outstanding quality control. ION Peptides has high standards when it comes to developing their products, which is why their quality control process is so long and complex.

Each stage of the manufacturing development is conducted with strict supervision that oversees an in depth analytical process. This process involves a combination of mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography comprising of sequential fingerprints verification to confirm their purity, quality and accuracy.

At you are guaranteed exceptional quality research chemicals at reasonable prices. They can also handle bulk orders if you need large orders from ION Peptides online. Every time you order from ION, you are guaranteed the following:

  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Premium quality products
  • Excellent customer support
  • Private shopping
  • Low prices

What Does ION Peptides Sell?

ION Peptides products are vast. They boast a huge catalogue of highly purified peptides, SARMS, and other research liquids. If you’ve looked into buying these products before, you’ve probably noticed how expensive they usually are. That’s right. These products work and that’s why the price increases. However the ION Peptides supplier wanted to find a way to manufacture first class products without it costing you a small fortune. That is why the prices on their site are so affordable. Let’s take a look at the ION Peptides chemicals.


  • IGF-1 LR3 (1 mg)
  • CJC-1295 (2 mg)
  • GHRP-2 (5 mg)
  • Ipamorelin (2 mg)
  • Melanotan 1 (10 mg)
  • Melanotan 2 (10)
  • Oxytocin (2 mg)
  • PT-141 (10 mg)
  • TB-500 (2 mg)
  • MGF (2 mg)
  • IGF-DES (1 mg)
  • Follistatin 344 (1 mg)
  • ACE-031 (1mg)

And more!


  • Ligandrol (10 mg x 30 ml)
  • Ibutamoren (25 mg x 30 ml)
  • Ostarine (20 mg x 30 ml)
  • S4 – Andarine (50 mg x 30 ml)
  • RAD-140 (10 mg x 30 ml)
  • YK-11 (10 mg x 30 ml)
  • Cabergoline (0.5 mg x 30 ml)
  • Stenabolic (20 mg x 30 ml)

Research Liquids

  • Tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) (5 mg x 30 ml)
  • Adrafinil (150 mg x 30 ml)
  • Albuterol (5 mg x 30 ml)
  • Anastrozole (1 mg x 30 ml)
  • Bromantane (50 mg x 30 ml)
  • Finasteride (5 mg x 30 ml)
  • NSI-189 (40 mg x 30 ml)

And more!

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ION Peptides Reviews

We understand ordering from a new company can be worrying. Nobody wants to waste money. That’s why we’ve gathered some ION Peptides reviews for you to read through. Each ION Peptides review should give you a reasonable idea of how the company is and whether you should buy from them. Read these ION Peptides testimonials below for help.

First order; very good company

It’s hard to find cheap SARMs online. I know it’s good to buy from a reputable company and that usually means spending more, but I just didn’t have the budget to keep spending on these products. What did I have to lose using ION Peptides? Nothing! Like anyone, I was a little apprehensive when first using them because I’d actually never heard of them before. Luckily, they didn’t let me down. Their service was exceptional in fact! Not only did they get back to my emails fast, they shipped really fast too. Amazing company! Recommended to anyone trying to find affordable sarms. – Jack Nelson

Awesome prices!

I ordered ligandrol from ION Peptide and was very pleased with the overall service. But the best thing of all was their prices. This is the cheapest I’ve ever found ligandrol and I could not be happier. The quality is also very good. I’ve not had any problems so far. I will definitely be ordering from them again soon. – Joanne F.

Finally…a place where you can find everything under one roof

Peptides and sarms are becoming harder to get hold of. Usually I have to purchase through three different websites to get everything I want which is always pretty tiring to be honest. I like that about the ION Peptides store. You can get so many products here you don’t need to look elsewhere. Plus their prices are the best around. I also have to mention how happy I was with the customer service. The guy I spoke to from ION Peptides us was really friendly and helpful. He replied fast and with very useful information. I also didn’t notice a difference in quality between the companies I’d bought from before which were nearly double the price to these. Great company! Let’s hope they stick around! – Wayne S.

ION Peptides Payments And Shipping

You can place your ION Peptides order any time on the website and it will be processed ASAP. Once the payment goes through, they will begin processing your order. Just to assure you, they double check every order prior to packing them to ensure you get the right order every time. ION Peptides ships the same day or the next upon receiving your payment. Here are the ION Peptides delivery prices:

Free USA shipping on orders over $100

Priority Registered Mail – $5 (6-10 days)

Priority Mail Express – $30 (4-6 days)

FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT Express – $60 (3-5 days)

ION Peptides payment methods are very flexible. You can pay via PayPal, bank transfer, Bitcoin, Western Union and MoneyGram. Any order paid via Bitcoin will receive a 10% discount. For certain orders, they will accept credit cards and ECheck.

If there is another payment method you would like to use when buying ION Peptides, get in touch with them. They are open to accepting other methods of payment at the ION Peptides shop.

Buy ION Peptides

ION Peptides shipping is free for US customers if you spend over $100. That means you’ll save even more money by making a bulk order. At the ION Peptides store you have the opportunity to receive discounts on various products. That’s because ION Peptides wants you to have the best online shopping experience ever. The ION Peptides coupon code is unavailable at the moment, but coming soon.

If you have further questions about Ion Peptides or its products, you can get in touch directly via phone or email. Their team of specialists will get back to you as soon as possible and provide you with any help you may require.

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Ion Peptides Reviews

4 / 5



I only heard about Ion Peptides two months ago and since then I’ve been ordering from them. I don’t usually like ordering anything health related online and especially from new companies, but I was so impressed by their prices and by how fast they returned my emails, I had nothing to lose by giving them a try. Overall, I would give Ion Peptides a 4/5 stars. Their customer service – excellent. They reply so fast and are very helpful with their answers too. Their products – great! Their delivery – not perfect. It was a bit slower than I expected but it did arrive all well packaged so everything turned out fine in the end. Their prices – unbelievable! Seriously, Ion Peptides prices are some of the best around!

5 / 5

Jill Adams


The cheapest peptides I’ve ever found are sold at Ion Peptides. This supplier is one of the cheapest around – their prices are so low. The problem with a lot of suppliers is that they are so expensive. I’m always on a tight budget so I don’t like paying too much money for anything. Personally, I’m glad that I have finally found a peptides supplier that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for their products. Sometimes it feels like every company is out to get as much out of you as possible. Fortunately, Ion Peptides isn’t like that and I recommend them so much.

To sum up, their prices are good and definitely affordable for most people. Their shipping isn’t always fast but it is reliable and everything arrives safe without any problems. As for their customer service, that’s pretty good too. I strongly recommend ordering from ion peptides.

5 / 5

Sara Sean


Two of the best things about Ion Peptides: they offer a wide range of peptides and SARMS for sale online and their prices are OH SO AFFORDABLE! Don’t worry about their low prices, their quality is high too. You have nothing to worry about ordering from Ion Peptides – I’ve done in four times before and still pleased with their service.

5 / 5



These peptide clinics are offering best services and once you will avail the services you will surely have positive feedback to give. If you wish to know various benefits that peptide offers you can always read few articles and blogs as well. This is the product that is high quality wise and this is something that has made it popular. Each customer who has used it is fully satisfied and there is not a single customer who will have to say negative about this clinic.
Placing order is also pretty simple, fast and perfect. You will hardly face any problem when you are placing order. In case if you have already made up your mind you can also place order in bulk. The staff members of the clinic are known for being friendly and are also helpful as well. The packaging is something for which you will have to give full marks as it is perfect. This clinic has become popular as it believes in customer satisfaction and is ready to do anything in order to attain it. Anyone can place order at any time and there is no need to think if its day or night. This is one clinic that you can easily recommend to your friends so that they can use it to the fullest.

5 / 5



Tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) currently claims a key role in the identification and characterization of proteins [1–7]. Successful mass spectrometric analysis of peptides and proteins relies on the ability to systematically sever peptide backbone bonds. In conventional collision-activated dissociation (CAD) MS/MS, ion fragmentation is activated by collisions with a buffer gas [8]. However, acquiring structural information through this method becomes significantly more challenging when the peptide is substantially long (more than approximately 20 residues [9]) or contains either labile post-translational modifications or multiple basic residues.

Alternative fragmentation methods, electron capture dissociation (ECD) [10] and electron transfer dissociation (ETD) [11–13], have been recently introduced into the field of proteomics. Unlike the collision-activated process, ECD and ETD do not cleave chemical modifications from the peptide, but rather induce random breakage of the peptide backbones. ECD and ETD can be used as orthogonal (to standard CAD) fragmentation methods to increase the informational content of tandem MS experiments. In spite of the remarkable prospects for proteomics, these techniques have been primarily implemented only in mass spectrometers that have ion traps such as Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (ECD case) and radiofrequency linear ion trap (ETD case) mass spectrometers.

Historically, experiments employing ECD/ETD-type fragmentation have been conducted inside a vacuum system with an operating pressure of no more than 1 mTorr. However, ion/ion and ion/molecule reactions can be very efficient even at atmospheric pressure. For instance, the use of proton-transfer reactions at the essentially atmospheric pressure is, nowadays, the most straightforward route to charge reduction of multiply charged peptides and proteins generated by electrospray. The effectiveness of this approach was first demonstrated by Orgozalek et al in 1992 by coupling the output of an electrospray with an externally housed corona discharge source [14]. Later, methods merging electrosprayed cations with corona discharged anions have been seriously modified and successfully demonstrated [15–18]. Recently, our group has reported the fragmentation of peptides at essentially atmospheric pressure conditions achieved by merging electrosprayed peptide ions with corona generated radicals [19].

In this paper, we further explore the developed ion dissociation technique which is capable of providing efficient fragmentation of peptides and proteins with typical patterns containing fragments specific to both CID and ECD/ETD. In the presented experimental setup, ion dissociation occurs within the flow reactor, located in the atmospheric pressure region between the ion source and the mass spectrometer. The suggested fragmentation mechanism involves the interaction of ESI-generated peptide ions with hydroxyl radicals originating from the corona discharge source.

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