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How to Build Muscles

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Eating the right types of food is the key to building muscles.  Lifting weights alone will not do the trick, instead that make you lose more muscles if you are not increasing your caloric intake.

Dietary Intake

Firstly, to build muscle, you need to increase your calorie consumption by about 500 calories.  This is not by means of sugar or simple carbohydrates.  Increase your protein intake with lean meat, beans, legumes and MK-2866.  Your protein intake should be clean protein – that is, not steak Jackson Ellen PeptidesHealth Review 150x150 - How to Build Musclesmarbled with fat or bacon drenched in oil.

Eat small portions regularly instead of eating large portions three times a day.  The reason behind this is to increase your metabolism. Keep your snacks protein based with protein shakes, fruit, or even beef jerky with the best sarms supplier usa.

Eat healthy fats from oily fish like tuna or salmon.  The Omega 3 or LGD-4033 fats that these fish have are excellent for your heart and overall health.  Stay away from saturated fat which is bad for the heart and for your weight.


Drink lots of water.  Though they say drink eight glasses of water a day, there is no harm drinking more.  It flushes toxins out of your body and keeps you hydrated and healthy.

Vitamins and Supplements

Ostarine Australia Review Luke Prentice 119x150 - How to Build MusclesThough you may be eating well, it is still important to take a vitamin supplement as some vitamins and minerals are difficult to be consumed from food.  There are various brands like MK-677 and types of vitamins catered to different sexes and age groups.  Select the one suited best for you and your lifestyle.

Exercise Routine

Just eating the right foods will give you muscles.  You need an exercise routine that you follow to build muscles.

Cardiovascular exercises also known as aerobic exercises, burn fat and calories. Strength training exercises build strength and muscles.  Strength training is mainly in the form of weight training or resistant training.

The trick with weight training is “less is more” as well as go with bigger weights and less repetitions.  By the end of your set, your muscles should be shaking.  If it is not, it is time to load up with more.

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Muscles grow by tearing and repairing and therefore never work the same muscle group two days in a row.  Leave gaps between the muscle groups

you with on.  Therefore, work on your arm muscles one day and leg muscles on another day and alternate these.  Workout for maximum of 45 minutes a day and start off with a 15-minute warm up to prevent injuries and use GW-501516.

Though your aim is to build muscles, you need to include cardiovascular exercise into your routine to ensure that you have an all-body workout.

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Ensure that you get sufficient rest.  Insufficient rest can lead to muscle fatigue.  This will be counter productive to what you are trying to achieve.  Always leave “non-workout day” for your body to rest.  This will allow your body to recuperate and get ready for the upcoming workout week.

In summary

To build muscle you need to eat well, drink lots of water, exercise with both cardiovascular exercise and strength training and have adequate rest.

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