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Bodybuilding Program For Beginners

That one fine morning, When we are so motivated by the thought of body building and the image that we…

That one fine morning, When we are so motivated by the thought of body building and the image that we have in mind about transformation of our body, Many of us hit the gym without any preplan but suddenly get confused when actually enter the gym. It’s a very common tendency of beginner to pick up the weights or start doing some machinery workout, as we are conscious and don’t want to look a beginner. The below given program is for all and can be followed by those who wish to gain weight and lose weight both.

Workout demands utilization of our stamina, strength, agility and flexibility of our body. The very first thing we need before we start any exercise is to stretch our body, lose the stiffness and make body flexible and save ourselves from hurting our muscles.

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There are numerous ways of stretching but as its our first day we can start with Stretching as shown in the figures in order to ease our muscles, start with the neck, move head clockwise then anticlockwise slowly and then back and forth again very slowly, 8 to 10 repetitions , the same way other parts of our body like shoulders, hands, legs, back and chest shown in the images.

As we finish stretching, we realise our body is warm, Respiration and heart beats are also a bit faster. It’s a sign we can now move to workout

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High Knees – Very simple exercise, It combines the running motion with exaggerated knee lifts. Take your knees up till your abdomen – keep back streight. You can keep your hands streight horizontally during this exercise. 4 sets of 24 repeatitions are enough.

Maximum 1 minute break and we move to push-ups. We want to keep it easy, so we do not lift our knee and keep it touching the ground and move only upper portion of our body. 3 sets of 10 repetitions

We can start with our weight training

Without moving from our place, we go for planks exercise after a break of a minute or two, A very effective core exercise, where we keep our body straight horizontally, Plant the hands directly under the shoulders. 3 repetitions, 30 seconds plank and 30 seconds break. Yesss..Now we are ready to touch the weights

We can start with our weight training with dumbbell chest press – Choose middle range dumbbells, not heavy and not very light also. We have to take help from trainers while doing weights. We need to be very careful and not hurt ourselves. Understand breathing from trainer.4 sets of 10 repetitions

Lat pull down- After a very small break of a minute, we move to lat pull down machine. Select only 1 plate. Make sure the grip is firm on the rod and hands at the right distance; distance differs with the length of hands. Pull rod slowly till it comes down near the chest and leave slowly till the time our hands go to their original position. Fast movement does not give stress on the muscles and body does not benefit much as well.

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Squats,This is going to be our last exercise. Take a distance between legs about a foot or a distance where one can stand comfortably. Keep hands near chest and go down till legs fold in 90 degrees and back to original position. 4 sets of 15 repetitions. Our legs carry our entire body weight; we should not ignore leg exercises at any cost.

As stretching is important before workout, Its equally important after workout. As shown below, we need to bend our body parts at different positions hold for a second or two and come back to original positions. Here repetitions are not required.

We need to follow this routine for minimum 15 days or till the time we don’t start doing all the mentioned exercises with ease.

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