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Intentionally or unknowingly

Intentionally or unknowingly the best gift we had in our life and that we love the most is, our own…

Intentionally or unknowingly the best gift we had in our life and that we love the most is, our own body. Gifts are always complimentary and our body is a complimentary present from God.
To build a body means, to preserve it to the regular healthy condition or being healthy always. Since of different phenomena of human life cycle, the body nature will change on due time. Our body shape will change the view of others about us.

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Remaining healthy is not just about being healthy, however likewise about being psychologically in shape. Both are interrelated and matches each other. Without preserving both the conditions, one can not stay fit. The primary requirement to stay healthy and fit is by having goals in our life. It can be short term objectives and likewise long-term objectives. Second of all with the defined goals, a definite plan should be specified and one should be committed enough to accomplish the goals through the specified plans. A correct and frequent evaluation and corrective procedures must be followed to have a successful procedure.
And for both physically and psychologically to be in shape, objectives should be specified for both. Objectives need to not be altered frequently, unless and till it is that vital.

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Plans should be structured enough so that every one should be able to follow it. Prepare for one person to another may differ. Likewise, previous own experiences and experiences shared by others must be considered while establishing the plan. Plans ought to be set for a brief duration, as this is subject for a modification. Experiences and failures must alter the strategies, to accomplish effective results. Diversions, inevitable barriers, existing habits etc. must be well specified, and should be catered while defining the strategies. Strategies need to define methods and procedures for physical work out, food diet plan, mental workout, maintaining practices etc., for everything that straight or indirectly contributes for being healthy and fit.

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Frequent evaluation needs to be followed to validate that the specified strategies are contributing to achieve the specified brief term and long-term goals. This will assist to make restorative steps, unlearn and relearn things to accomplish best outcomes in life.
In short, having a devoted physical and mental exercise will always keep an individual healthy and fit. Body structure is about being healthy and fit in all scenarios of life.

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It is a natural human phenomenon that all people in this world likes gifts. Knowingly or unwittingly the best present we had in our life and that we enjoy the most is, our own body. Presents are constantly free and our body is a totally free present from God. The obligation to safeguard the presents does not lies with the provider, however with the receiver. To build a body implies, to keep it to the normal healthy condition or being fit always.