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Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss is a condition that may affect both the male and female of any age.  Several factors may contribute…

Hair loss is a condition that may affect both the male and female of any age.  Several factors may contribute to hair loss including genetics, aging, medication and health, and hair styling/treatments.

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Most people lose strands of hair every day in a process called shedding. These hairs are often replaced by new ones. To some degree, everyone experiences hair loss as they age while at the same time the rate of hair growth slows with CJC1295.


Some men and women are genetically susceptible to hair loss, a condition that may run through the family. In men, the condition is known as androgenetic alopecia (AGA) or male pattern hair loss (MPHL) while in women it is referred to as female pattern hair loss (FPHL). The exact genes involved in hair loss are not known with certainty. MPHL is characterized by a receding hairline and mostly these men begin losing hair at a younger age.

Androgens play an important role in the control of hair. Androgenetic alopecia occurs due to the effects of androgens such as testosterone and its finasteride dosagederivative dihydrotestosterone in genetically susceptible individuals, which result in induction of hair loss with peptides australia like pt 141 (pt-141).

Medication and Health Conditions

Alopecia areata (AA) and telogen effluvium (TE) are other common forms of hair loss. AA is an autoimmune skin condition which may cause hair loss on the head, face and other parts of the body. It affects people of any age, sex and ethnic group. Hair loss in AA is often patchy. AA may involve total loss of scalp hair or total loss of scalp and body hair but the hair usually grows back. This condition is most commonly treated with systemic or topical corticosteroids.

Telogen efflivum (TE) is the most common cause of alopecia in children and is characterized by excessive loss of telogen hair. TE may be caused by surgery, chronic or severe illness, malnutrition, thyroid disease, iron deficiency anemia and some medications such as lithium, oral contraceptives and cimetidine. Excessive supplementation Finasteride with Vitamin A, dramatic weight loss, Vitamin B deficiency, chemotherapy and physical and emotional stress can also result in hair loss.

Androgen-related female alopecias may be caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). FPHL may be treated using anti-adrogenic medication.

Styling and hair treatmentsFinasteride Australia

Mostly in women, several styling and hair treatments may result in self –inflicted hair loss. Hair styles like braids hair weaves and cornrows may inflict hair loss. Blow driers, flat iron and chemical treatments may also result in hair breakage with CKJC 1295 + Ipamorelin. Hair will usually grow back but some hair treatments which affect the roots of the hair result in permanent hair loss.

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