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5 Reasons On Why You Are Not Gaining Muscle

Have you been working out so much lately,  but you can't seem to notice any results? Have you been maintaining…

Have you been working out so much lately,  but you can’t seem to notice any results? Have you been maintaining a good diet regime and liquid intake, but still there is no muscle improvement? Do you want to gains muscles so bad, but you don’t know what you are doing wrong? Here are some reasons on why you are not gaining muscle, even though you’ve been trying so hard.

Caloric intake

Well, the calories are needed so that you can preserve your current weight, while adding muscle mass. The intake of calories is calculated based on the basal metabolic rate, where factors like your height, weight, muscularity, age and activity level have impact on it.

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So, the only thing you need to do is to take into consideration all of these factors and calculate your caloric intake. Add 500 calories more on the overall calculations. This number of calories is considered for gaining muscles.

Being obsessed with heavy-lifting

–  Another reason on why you are not gaining muscle is that you follow a wrong exercise routine. This means that you’ve been focused more on heavy lifting, but you will not achieve the desired results if you lift as much weight as possible. There needs to be a progressive amount of weight being lifted. If you think that you can gain muscles fast with heavy-lifting , this is not the right approach. Don’t try to impress anybody, start with reasonable weight and then continue increasing it, so that you can see results quickly.

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Not eating well

– Big portions that you eat twice per day is not an option for gaining muscle. You should at least have 5 meals per day, so that your body receives the needed nutrients which will keep you in an anabolic state. Eat multiple times per day, smaller portions! Eat less salt. Cut on the saturated fats and sugar. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Avoid pizzas, white bread, pastries, cookies, margarine or potato chips. Try to keep up with your schedule and eat well at the same time. Prepare food instead of eating fast. Make sure you have proper intake of proteins. And try to follow your eating schedule.

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Bad program design

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It is of common knowledge for those who train that muscle hypertrophy is a consequence of lactic acid production. This can be due to metabolic stress, mechanical tension and muscle damage. If you are following a poor design program, then this is one of the main reasons on why you are not gaining muscle. Have you heard about a program where you can eat anything?  And as much as possible? This is completely wrong! With this approach you are gaining fat, not muscles. So, if you are going to eat anything and anytime, you will definitely have to extend the dieting period.


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Have you been working out during the day? And eating pizza at night? Do you allow yourself one glass of alcohol from time to time? Do you have a lot of fried food in your diet? Or maybe some chips? Oh my friend, this is not how you gain muscles. You should be consistent in your workouts. Eat healthy, train healthy. Be consistent.

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Eating healthy one day and thinking that one day of bad food will not change anything, not true! Consistency is when you apply all of the right factors in order to obtain optimal environment. This way you can gain muscles and improve your diet regimen.

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Don’t forget to rest. Your muscles need revitalization. So, it is completely okay if you spend one day being lazy. But remember to eat properly and in right amounts. Arrange your training so you can rest. Avoid over-training particular muscle groups. Make sure you provide work out to every muscle. If you want to be rewarded for your hard work in the gym, follow good practice program. Do not exaggerate with heavy-lifting. Make sure to follow your calorie intake.

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